apia undocumented

it's not their fault

I don’t know why we are still blaming our parents for our undocumented statuses. 

I really dont like the line that goes “they never had a say in immigrating” “they had no control " 

as if my parents did.

as if our parents did. 

it’s the broken system. it’s the global economy

no one just wakes up one day, no parent just decide over-night to start a new life, away from family friends culture, to be treated like dregs of society  NO ONE. 

stop saying we had no say  it in.. as if that is to make us seem more vulnerable. i dont want to buy pity from anyone. 



“No one spoke of legality when black slaves were forced here to work the plantations, when Chinese were brought here to work on the railroad, when Japanese, Pilipino, and Mexican immigrants were brought here to work in the fields. We don’t hear the ruling class talk about how illegal it is for them to go around the world ripping off resources and cheap labor like they tried in Vietnam, and controlling and destroying the economy of these countries.”

- Wei Min Bao (newspaper of radical Asian American organization Wei Min She), September 1974

Im/migrant rights are an Asian American issue, then and now. In solidarity with the struggles of undocumented im/migrants today!