api art

Ancient Egyptian stele, dedicated by the doorman of Horudja temple in honor of the divine bull Apis.  Artist unknown; 643 BCE (= Year 21 of Psamtik [Psammetichus] I, first pharaoh of the 26th [Saite] Dynasty).  Found at the Serapeum of Saqqara; now in the Louvre.  Photo credit: Rama/Wikimedia Commons.


dear journal,

today i had my interview. i got accepted. i didn’t know whether to scream or cry, either way i showed no emotion until i got back home (then i scream-cried into my monkey plush and took a nap). is this happiness? this is what it feels like…right? that marlowe girl scares me a bit…obviously she’s at sleepwater for a reason and knows what she’s doing. and i’m just…here. but tomorrow is my first day of class and i’m hoping that everything goes well. it has to.

love, apricot 🥀

“Heeeeyyy there! So… remember that combo we talked about a few years back?”


This is just a tiny little headcanon/thing I imagined

Is that how you draw a space chair

So this took me hours to finish, but here it is. Api’s clothes mainly came from the design that was given to him in the first series and for the fact that all of the BBBs except the original just has the one color, so Api’s is red cause Api.

Also to be honest I would really like to see that combo.

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