Asian women loving their eyes is a big fucking deal 

Like we’ve been raised in a society that basically tells us that we’re not pretty unless we change how our eyes look 

Embracing that feature is a huge middle finger to white standards of beauty



Web tech designed to handle data related to the human body for websites and apps. Theoretically has implications related to online identity, from the personal to the commercial:

BodyKit is a collection of APIs and embeddable components that allows you to virtualize, analyze, and simulate any human body. With BodyKit, you can tap into years of R&D on human shape and pose from within your own website or application. This versatile toolset can power anything from early-stage prototypes or lightweight applications to large-scale platforms.

At the Bodykit website there is an online demo to play around with a human scan and edit their physical attributes. You can try it out and find out more here

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It annoys me when people pin the existence of colorism on Europeans. Of course colorism is rampant in Europe, of course, but it's something that has been perpetuated by light skinned people across all cultures for centuries. Light skinned PoC have privilege, and we're all complicit in colorism. It's a prevalent issue in Europe, but it's of equal severity in Asia and to say "it's bc of whites" is to ignore the complexity of the history behind colorism and to free us of responsibility.

You do know Europeans invaded the shit out of PoC countries and a lot of colorism stemmed from colonization right?

Colorism didn’t just magically pop up everywhere and equally. 

Like an example is the Philippines. 

Spain fucking invaded the Philippines and colorism didn’t exist till the Spaniards imposed it on us. Yeah. Race mixing happened and those who were mixed were seen as more beautiful and in a higher social status than those who weren’t mixed. 

Indigenous people didn’t have this problem before colonizers came and fucked shit up. 

So yeah white people have a shit ton to do with colorism and to ignore the histories of colonized countries and how they developed this mindset favoring light-skinned people, is really ignorant. 

It is because of the whites. Funny how you talk about ignoring the complexity of history when you fail to see how European colonizers fucked shit up and then try to revert back to “well PoC have a problem perpetuating colorism too, stop just blaming the whites” 

Uh. Why do you think we had this problem in the first place?

Cause white people are greedy shits who fuck up and exploit entire cultures and countries. 


Serial Podcast... #WeOwnThe8th

In the new year I’ve decided to be more proactive in something I helped to create called #WeOwnThe8th, a movement that celebrates Asian American media in America. Now beyond producing and acting in videos, as well as helping to organize our monthly meeting of the minds in Downtown Los Angeles, I’ve decided to start dropping monthly essays on this subject matter. Now, like most things I do, I’m…

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Update of Holding Live

Today sees a huge amount of new code go live on Roll20, encompassing a great many improvements to our web application. We’ll go through them below, but first we want to point out that the “Holding” element of our update has yet to go live– Roll20 for iPad was submitted last week for approval with Apple and we’re eagerly awaiting that. We’ll be holding onto the Android version until the iPad element is live, and we’re hopeful to see both up and running soon.

Enough about waiting… let’s talk about what’s ready RIGHT NOW:

Folders– after a great many requests, we’ve now made content in Roll20 organizable by folders in addition to tags.

Popout Characters and Handouts– Looking to make better use of your screen space? You’re now able to popout dialog boxes for Characters (including Character Sheets) and Handouts.

Improved 3D Dice– We have completely reworked the rendering for 3D dice, making them take less resources to use, tying them into our QuantumRoll system, and removing several bugs.

Roll Templates– Alongside community-contributed Character Sheets, we now have “Roll Templates”; and improved visual result for rolls. Character sheet authors have already begun creating Roll Templates for some of the most popular games in Roll20, and Mentors will be able to create their own customized result appearances.

Text Chat Changes– Now you can “/talktomyself” to test out commands, add basic formatting to text chat, and more.

API Improvements– There’s been quite a few improvements to the Application Program Interface… enough that this seems like a great time to link to the entire rundown of what’s been updated (API and everything listed above) here.


Roll20’s new Compendium is launching today, in what we’re referring to as a “Technical Preview.” For an idea of our plans for it, read the related forum announcement.

This might look like Api, but it isn’t. But it is suppose to look like him slightly. You see, Api is only a prototype and yesterday I suddenly wondered what the final “A.P.I model” would look like. I don’t know why I haven’t tried to draw it sooner, it is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time.

I tried to make this design have a more sleek and modern look to it. I’m not 100% happy with it. But it’s just a quick concept sketch so things will most likey change. I like parts of it though.

Build and deploy a mobile-friendly calorie counter on IBM Bluemix with PHP, MySQL, AngularJS, and the Nutritionix API

via Build and deploy a mobile-friendly calorie counter on IBM Bluemix with PHP, MySQL, AngularJS, and the Nutritionix API.

In this article, I show you how to create an online calorie counter that enables users to:

  • Search for food items by name, with results retrieved through an API to the online nutrition database Nutritionix.
  • Group selected food items together to create meal records, and save…

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¿Alguien apetece un api con pastel?

Esta delicia es típica de la ciudad de Oruro, Capital del Folklore de Bolivia, consiste en una bebida elaborada en base a maíz blanco y morado, de fino espesor y sabor suculento, la misma se acompaña con un pastel (empanada frita) rellena de queso fresco y espolvoreada con azúcar impalpable.
En estos días miles de visitantes del interior y exterior del país visitan la ciudad de Oruro por su Majestuoso Carnaval a vivirse este fin de semana, por lo que recomendamos degustar esta sabrosa elaboración, dos son los principales lugares de venta: el Mercado Fermín López ubicado en la calle Washington entre Ayacucho y Cochabamba, y en el Mercado Campero situado en las calles Bolivar entre pagador y Velasco Galvarro.
Bolivia, sabores únicos: experiencias inolvidables!
Bolivia te espera!

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