Bagi aku yang api, dia tidak menyulap dirinya sebagai angin. Dia selalu jadi rintik hujan yang pelan-pelan memadamkan. Karena itu Tuhan, orang-orang sepertinya, tolong takdirkan untuk tinggal di hidupku dalam waktu lama.

This May, we are using API Month to celebrate the wonderful Pasifika cultures across the South Pacific! This month is for us to learn, share, and celebrate what it means to be Pasifika and what makes you so loudly, proudly, and most importantly, unapologetically Pasifika. On top of culture, we also encourage discussion on the Pasifika Experience. Such topics can span from environmental conservatism and history to education and healthcare. We’d like to hear anything and everything pertaining to your experience as a Pacific Islanders, regardless of whether you’re living in the South Pacific or elsewhere.

And on May 20, we invite all Pasifika to come forth and tell us what makes you PasifikaMade! 

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@rubacrew @lindalotl AFTER SEEING the post about api MK II i yelled b/c THATS SO COOL AND I HAD TO DRAW IT (or…..did i just take it as an excuse to draw api again…..whhhy not both) with a bit of creative liberty taken on the color..i thought the exposed waist/arms might be painted over in the non-prototype version!!


Yess bae ( @brownroundboi )!! Part II teaser on @nylonmag two-part series on #QPOC #dandy #dapper fashion and identity feat. @dapperq . This clip features @brownroundboi sharing his brilliant thoughts and politics!
“Dandy Lions & Dapper Qs”
Directed by: Tina Vaden
Co-Directed by: Maddy Talias & Daniel Huskey
Co-Produced by: Ren Potts + Tina Vaden
Sound: YongSoo Lee
Lead Camera: Daniel Huskey
360 Operator: Maddy Talias
Location: The Brooklyn Museum-@brooklynmuseum via @dapperq
#qpoc #qtpoc #queerstyle #queerfashion #qtpoc #queersofinstagram #API #dandylionproject #dapperq #transisbeautiful #blackbloggers #bloggerlifestyle #artist #transmanofcolor #gendernonconforming #poet #writersofcolor

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