Hermaphroditus (aka Aphroditos), son of Aphrodite and Hermes, was raised by naiads in Ida. When he was 15, he traveled to surrounding cities below, bored with his life on the mountain. It was during his journey that he met Salmacis, a nymph who was overcome with lust (not love,) for the handsome young boy. She attempted to seduce him, but Hermaphroditus resisted. When she left, he undressed and bathed in her pool. But Salmacis had not left. She lept into the waters behind him and forced him to kiss her, touching his body. Arms wrapped around him as he struggled, the nymph called out to the gods that they may always be together, never apart. Her wish was granted, and the two’s bodies morphed into one, “a creature of both sexes.” Hermaphroditus prayed to his mother and father that whoever bathed in the same pool from then on would take a similar form to his new one, and his prayer was answered.

ayatofem  asked:

Does that mean since I'm gay Aphrodite will try and protect me? Pleeeeeaaaase?

yes!! Aphrodite is an extremely lgbt goddess!! she’s the goddess of forms of love including homosexual and ‘love for all women’ and there’s Aphroditus who was an androgynous version of Aphrodite who became known as Hermaphrodite who’s Hermes and Aphrodite’s son
anyway long story short- yes!

The plan is so far a success. Each day the cravings are fewer, briefer, and lesser in intensity. My smoking hand, that is, the right one, is half restored to youth. The skin around my fingernails is hardly rough at all. I don’t know why I didn’t use hand cream before.

Has anybody heard of Agdistis, the androgynous being? Made woman and eunuch by Dionysos’ deceit? Agdistis who is also the Mountain Mother? I am drawn to their figure, whatever that says of me.

I’ve looked for actual depictions or him or her (“them” seems more appropriate, for one who is rightfully both), but all I turn up are engravings of Attis and Cybele and this sculpture of Aphroditos.

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