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Do you think that being neurodivergent could make a witch even more powerful? Like idk how but I just feel like maybe being neorodivergent could make a witch extra good at witchy thing.

Personally, I think some of my neurodivergencies absolutely make me better at parts of witchcraft, so it’s absolutely possible. Some might “write off” my experiences as being due to those NDs, but I think the fact that I’m ND makes those experiences more possible and easier for me.

Anyone else?

~Mod Rook

The Odyssey is around the corner and we want YOU to help choose the Limited Tier 5 Odyssey skin that will be available as the last reward of the event.

Submit your concepts and feedback here, but remember, they have to be for a MAGE Class God.

This includes: Agni, Ah Puch, Anubis, Aphrodite, Chang'e, Chronos, Freya, Hades, He Bo, Hel, Isis, Janus, Kukulkan, Nox, Nu Wa, Poseidon, Ra, Raijin, Scylla, Sol, Vulcan, Zeus, Zhong Kui

𝚁𝙴𝙰𝙳: Pretty Faces by @perseasalt

The dove loomed above her like death warrant, sentencing her to a lethal fate. Of all the godly mothers that could have bore her, it had to have been Aphrodite. The goddess of love and beauty, the paradigm of perfection and everything Lacy was not. She could imagine it now, her cabin turning up their noses and abandoning her the second they got a good look. Being embarrassed to have such an ugly runt among their alluring ranks. Shunning and ignoring her until she broke down and gave in.

“But tonight we’re going to show them. We’ll make them respect us, forcefully strip away every ridiculous assumption through our actions. Prove that we’re more than just a bunch of pretty faces.”

newtohellenismos  asked:

I have two quick question! Can animism go hand in hand with polytheism? What is Apollon's role in your path/ intersection with your devotion to Aphrodite?

Sorry for the late reply! 

I can’t really help much with the first question since I don’t know much about animism and I don’t want to give you any wrong information! Sorry D:

But I can totally make up for that with your second question! Good timing too since my relationship with Apollon is getting a serious upgrade! Anyway I actually see both Apollon and Aphrodite kind of going hand in hand with each other, which is why I always find it interesting that they rarely ever intersect in the myths.

For me personally, they both represent me being the best version of me and I need both of them to accomplish that. Aphrodite aides me with loving myself, standing up for myself, showing compassion and love for others, and staying true to myself and my voice. Apollon aides me with taking care of myself, eating right, exercising, dealing with my mental illnesses, expressing myself creatively, and taking responsibility for my own actions and decisions. 

So basically I feel that Aphrodite gives me the strength to love myself no matter what and Apollon gives me the courage to change/improve what I want/need to in order to grow as a person. ;D

melynieblack  asked:

Do it, Lana. Make the demigod au. That could be the greatest haikyuu au. Imagining Suga a son of Demeter or Aphrodite, Hinata a son of Apollo and kags a son of hades or ares. Maybe all of the pretty setter squad are sons of Aphrodite? That's seems to make sense. Yamaguchi almost seems like Athena, but Yachi is definitely in that cabin. Man, I don't know a single text post could make me so excited! I hope that becomes a thing!!

I feel like I’m about to start a revolution in the Haikyuu fandom. Can you feel it? I’ve never been so excited to write, my creatives juices are just flowing. I can’t type fast enough to match the speed in which my mind is going! This is definitely going to become a thing!

-Admin Lana

To Dione

I call to Dione, ancient of name,
grand-daughter of Gaia and star-strewn Ouranos,
mother of blessed Aphrodite,
companion and counsel of thundering Zeus.
O goddess who knows the ways of fate,
mistress of visions and oracles,
friend of the seer and the prophet,
well-honored in temple and in grove,
well-honored at far-famed Dodona,
teller of the hidden tales, I call to you.
I honor you, good and gracious Dione,
I offer you my praise and seek your blessing.

countmyfucks  asked:

Did I hear Aphrodite!Percy? Is Sally still there? because let me tell you I love bi gods more than i care to admit

Oh yeah she’s there

  • Aphrodite meets Sally Jackson at a poetry reading in a this little book store/cafe on a rainy day.
  • Because of the mist, Aphrodite can walk through the mortal world with barely a passing glance and she genuinely enjoys being able to blend in to the crowd and just watch mortals go through their lives. AKA Aphrodite’s a huge people-watcher.
  • She first notices Sally in a booth. There’s such an simple beauty to her - one of warm smiles and twinkling eyes - but’s its her expression that first grabs Aphrodite’s attention. It’s one of someone savoring the poetry being spoken, and coming to a conclusion of what’s being heard.
  • And then Sally actually turns and meets her stare. Aphrodite’s taken aback for a moment, startled at someone being able to see her and automatically looks away. But throughout the rest of the poetry reading, she finds her eyes wandering back to her.
  • After the poetry reading, Sally comes up to her and the rest is history.
  • They spend the summer together - it’s a rainy one, and their days are filled with museums and poetry readings and dance classes and art and singing and talking.
  • Aphrodite loves the passion that Sally puts into everything she does.
  • They never label their relationship and it’s not heavily physical but it’s one of genuine love.
  • Sally understands when Aphrodite has to leave.
  • No but Sally is so genuinely confused when she ends up pregnant because she understands more than enough basic biology to know that different parts would have been needed for conception but figures that having sex with a greek god might tag along with a different set of rules.
  • When Percy is born he is the physical replication of how Aphrodite appeared to Sally - Ravenblack hair, sea green eyes, mediterranean skin.


Aphrodite was the goddess of love, desire and beauty. Apart from her natural beauty, she also had a magical girdle that compelled everyone to desire her.  She represented sex, affection, and the attraction that binds people together.