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abyss-no-ishi  asked:

Okay you two drew the goldies as Disney Princes... But what if they where the princesses... Who should be each one?

First, sorry for the late reply ;-; I wanted to make a proper reply and I kinda didn’t have time before!
Thanks for asking, dear! That’s a really good question!!!
Okay, what about: I DON’T KNOW? lol It was seriously hard to think about it!! Me and @bananamisa​ tried so hard but many of the Disney princess has almost the same personality idk XD Also, we tried to pick different choices that wasn’t related to the male disney characters we chose for the project (but of course we failed a bit).

Okay but what do you think about:

Mu as Ariel & Aldebaran as Pocahontas

Saga as Elsa & Deathmask as Jasmine

Aiolia as Cinderella & Shaka as Aurora

Dohko as Mulan & Milo as Esmeralda

Aiolos as Merida & Shura as Tiana

Camus as Snow White & Aphrodite as Belle

AHH IT WAS REALLY HARD!!! Still not sure about some choices! About Camus, we thought it was TOO OBVIOUS if he was Elsa, and since there are so many Camus-Elsa fanarts everywhere, we tried to pick the second obvious one. xD
Dohko as Mulan is too obvious too but I COULDN’T RESIST. XD Shaka as Aurora was one of our favorite!!! And Aphrodite as Belle, because you know…. Belle, beauty, Aphrodite. Aiolos as Merida match as well.
Deathmask and Shura was like ugh… I don’t know…

What do you think? ♥