aphrodite born

Imagine children of Hephaestus being born with parts of their bodies being made of metal. It varies how weird or horrific the placement of these parts are. Many children with born with metal limbs build better, more stylish ones for themselves

Imagine children of Aphrodite that are born with the power to change their appearance, but they can’t control it. They change when their emotions are high or just randomly throughout the day. Sometimes they’ll have two different faces and not be able to do anything about it

Imagine children of Apollo being literally made of light. There’s always a soft glow coming from their eyes, nose, and mouth. They get hard to look at when they’re mad but they also make good flashlights

Imagine children of Ares who just casually spill blood all the time. Out of their mouths, ears, eyes, and noses. Just randomly, no warning. Sometime random small wounds will open up on their arms, legs, and faces. New campers are very scared of them

Imagine children of Athena who physically shut down from information over load; they can’t move, can’t speak, don’t even breathe so their brains can review all the things they know. When they’re in this state you can literally see words and pictures flash across their eyes. Don’t disturb them in this state, it won’t be good for either of you

Imagine children of Demeter who have flowers and other flora growing out of their bodies. Little roses (thorns and all) growing out of their heads, lilies growing from their shoulders. Sometimes their hair will start turning green

Imagine children of Dionysus with grape juice for blood. When they get older, it ferments and turns to wine. They can will vines to grow out of their bodies, though the grapes on those vines will make anyone else sick

Imagine children of Hermes who talk so fast, their voice can’t catch up. They’ll be talking and suddenly, their voice gives out. But they still keep talking. When they stop, their voice keeps going once it’s able to catch up

Imagine children of Hades with see through skin. All the bones, veins, organs, and everything is visible. Sometimes, depending on a lot of things, their skin is more translucent than normal

Imagine children of Poseidon being born with aquatic features; scales, gills, webbed hands/feet, slimy skin, etc. Some are able to go fine without water, while some need it or they get sick. They won’t die but they will be quite miserable

Imagine children of Zeus who are made of lightning. You can see it under their skin, jumping from one body part to the next. Their eyes have lightning and them always look like colored storm clouds. Touching them is always an endeavor in trying not to get shocked too badly

Imagine really cool side effects to being half all powerful God


mythology moodboard: aphrodite, goddess of love, desire and beauty.

Aphrodite is the Olympian goddess of love, beauty, pleasure, procreation and eternal youth. She was also a protectress of sailors. The poet Hesiod said that Aphrodite was born from sea-foam. Homer, on the other hand, said that she was the daughter of Zeus and Dione.

Easy offerings to Aphrodite

Go on a walk on a nice day and pick up every beautiful thing you see (only if it’s free to take, Aphrodite does not condone stealing). Maybe there is a green leaf on the ground that is brown around the edges that you find striking. Or an interesting feather. Heck, maybe you see a really nice rock. Or a dandelion that you think is breathtaking. Take it home and put it on her altar or a windowsill if you don’t have an altar for her set up. Say a quick prayer like “I found these things that I think are pretty and they’re for you Aphrodite”. She will love them.

**Bonus points if you are able to go for your walk on any sort of beach. Aphrodite was born from sea foam and loves things like seashells.**

andquitefrankly  asked:


Ooh! Let’s see, here are some of my favourite bits of classical trivia (I know no other trivia). I should warn you that my idea of amusing trivia is quite… esoteric :’) (A couple of these are a little gruesome)

  • Ancient Greek had a pitch accent (i.e. the pitch of the syllable went up or down depending on the accent). This mattered, because once during a performance of a tragedy, an actor got the pitch accent wrong and said ‘weasel’ instead of ‘calm sea’ and we are still laughing about it 2000 years later
  • Once during a battle between Argos and Sparta, the Argive generals told their troops to do whatever the Spartan herald shouted. The Spartan generals figured this out and ordered their troops to attack when the herald shouted ‘have breakfast’
  • The tyrant Polycrates of Samos was so lucky in everything that he did that his friend Amasis, king of Egypt, advised him to get rid of the thing he valued the most. This was a golden and emerald ring (?????). Polycrates threw it into the sea. Soon afterwards, it turned up in the belly of a fish that a fisherman had caught and presented to Polycrates. Amasis said, ‘That’s it, you’re too lucky, I’m cutting off our friendship before the gods screw you over.’
  • The tyrant Peisistratos of Athens married an aristocratic girl in order to form an alliance with her family, but he thought the family was cursed, so he would only have sex with her ‘not in the customary way’ and I still do not know what this means because my Greek history tutor was the most awkward person ever and would not tell me
  • An Ancient Greek word for ‘extravagant dandy’ was ‘someone who is obsessed with fish’
  • The Greeks described the sea as ‘wine-dark’
  • Socrates didn’t wash 
  • Hippocleides doesn’t care
  • The great Greek general Pericles was mocked because he allegedly allowed his mistress to boss him around in bed
  • It is 100% true that Plato published a serious piece of work criticising Aeschylus for making Achilles top and Patroclus bottom
  • This is the what the Greeks came up with to explain intersex people: Hermaphroditus, son of Hermes & Aphrodite, was born a boy but attracted the attentions of a rather obsessive girl who tried to force herself on him. Fortunately for her, they were in a magic spring and she prayed to be joined to him always, so they were joined together in one body that was part male and part female
  • In Cyprus, the goddess Aphrodite was represented with both male and female sex organs
  • Alexander the Great used to get foreign kings to line up their favourite prostitutes and then he would make a big show of walking along the line and acting disinterested
  • Allegedly, Alexander met the cynic philosopher Diogenes and asked if there was anything he could do for him. Diogenes said, ‘Get out of my sunlight.’ Alexander said, ‘If I were not Alexander, I would wish to be Diogenes,’ and Diogenes replied, ‘If I were not Diogenes, I would also wish to be Diogenes.’
  • The Roman playwright Terence, considered by later writers to be the best example of ‘pure literary Latin’, might have been an African immigrant and is widely thought to have been a slave
  • Julius Caesar annoyed the populace of Rome because he used to answer his mail during the races
  • Cicero was told to change his name because it meant ‘chickpea’ and he responded that he would make it the most glorious name in Rome
  • It is 99.9% likely that it is actually the case that Cicero was not let in on the assassination of Caesar because he couldn’t keep his mouth shut
  • Caesar once said, ‘I know I am the most hated man in Rome, because Cicero hates me, and God knows Cicero is easy to please’
  • Cicero and his brother Quintus seemingly spent an alarming amount of time chasing Cicero’s secretary around, asking for kisses
  • The poet Vergil (Vergilius), for sadly modern-esque reasons, was nicknamed ‘Parthenias’ (which renders itself quite nicely as something like ‘Virginia’)
  • Augustus nagged all his poet friends to write an epic about him, and when Vergil said he would do it, Propertius published a poem saying ‘THANK THE GODS: someone else is doing it - and it’s pretty good btw you should read it when it comes out’
  • The poet Ovid was exiled for a ‘poem and a mistake’ and we STILL DON’T KNOW WHAT THAT IS
  • The emperor Augustus was teetotal and lame in one leg
  • As part of his propaganda against Augustus, Mark Antony claimed that Augustus singed off his leg hair
  • Augustus responded that Mark Antony was a drunken hooligan. Antony wrote a pamphlet defending himself, entitled ‘On the subject of my drunkenness’. To me this is one of the greatest losses of antiquity
  • The emperor Tiberius was obsessed with pears and cucumbers
  • The emperor Claudius allegedly ordered for his third wife to be executed, then got so drunk that he had to ask why she was not at dinner
  • Claudius had a son who died when he threw a pear core in the air, tried to catch it in his mouth and choked
  • Augustus complained that Tiberius used words in their strict etymological sense (or used literal equivalents of phrases that were used in a non-etymological sense), and the emperor Hadrian, when reading about this, commented, ‘It sounds like Augustus was not very well educated if he chose his words according to their usage and not their etymology.’
  • The emperor Galba is the only Roman male who is explicitly said to have had a sexual preference for adult males (i.e. of his own age) and not boys
  • Hadrian and his wife went travelling with Hadrian’s lover Antinous and an aristocratic woman named Julia Balbilla. At a tourist site in Egypt, Julia Balbilla carved a poem in the style of Sappho on a famous statue. One of my history professors said that this suggests Hadrian’s wife was a lesbian and they covered for each other
  • The historian Tacitus was a keen hunter. His friend Pliny went hunting one day and sent him a letter, ‘You won’t believe it, Tacitus, I went hunting, and I enjoyed it! I took all my books and I sat in the shade by the nets and it was so peaceful, I got so much done. You should try it!’
My Favorite Aphrodite Epithets and Why

Happy Aphrodite April, my magnificent swans! Today I’m going to discuss some of my favorite epithets of Aphrodite! I figured this would be nice since I see a lot of posts listing the epithets but not really going into much detail about them. These are ones that I prefer using when I talk to Aphrodite but of course you may choose to find ones that you personally like using! A wonderful list of epithets and titles can be found on Aphrodite’s page on Theoi.com! 

Urania (Ourania) - Heavenly, Divine: This is a common epithet and think because it’s so common it’s one that just FITS Aphrodite. It’s natural to use this when referring to her and it’s one of the first ones that pop into my head when I do an impromptu ritual. And I mean come on, heavenly? Divine? That’s totally our girl, Aphrodite!

Aphrogeneia - Foam Born: As my URL would indicate I am partial to Aphrodite’s foam born creation myth. To me, it just seems way more fitting for such a magnificently beautiful Goddess of many attributes to have risen straight from the sea being like “bitches, i’m here!”.

Pandemos - Common to ALL people: This one is probably my favorite of all her epithets. I call it the “shut down” epithet. When someone tries to come at you saying that Aphrodite only represents one standard of beauty, one kind of love, one gender, one sexuality, you throw this epithet at them and they are SHUT DOWN! Aphrodite is a goddess for ALL people, end of story!

Melaenis (Melainis) - Black of Night: You can discover a lot of interesting things about deities by looking at their epithets. Aphrodite especially has a lot of interesting ones. Like this one! When people think of Aphrodite usually visions of the beach and fields of bright colored flowers, pinks, pale blues and greens,  are among the first images. But this epithet indicates that there’s a lot more to Aphrodite! Theres a darker side, a side that exists when the sun leaves the sky. I tend to use this epithet in the fall and winter. I find Aphrodite’s darker sides show more when the land is dead and the sun is gone. Its why I prefer to celebrate Adonia in the fall. 

Morpho - Of Shapely Form: I enjoy this epithet because for me it indicates that Aphrodite could be seen as a big girl. And i’m not just talking about the “acceptable” fat girl shape. I’m talking big soft bellies, thighs that could crush a skull, arms that jiggle jiggle, and asses so big and round you HAVE to take a moment to thank Aphrodite for such beauty in the world! So yeah, don’t let anyone tell you Aphrodite can’t be a fat girl or that she doesnt support fat girls!

Areia - Warlike; Nikêphoros - Bringer of Victory; Hôplismenê (Hoplismena) - Armed: I grouped these 3 together because I like them for all the same reasons. They point towards Aphrodite’s role as a possible War Goddess. How freakin AWESOME is that? I feel like it makes more sense because we like to pretend that love and war are opposites, which is why Aphrodite and Ares’s relationship seemed so romantic. Yet the truth is love and war actually go hand in hand, wars begin because of love, love blossoms in the midst of war, love can be the fuel to continue a war. I find it way more likely that Aphrodite, being a war goddess,understands Ares bloodthirst for war and battle, and loves him for it not despite it. They both can appreciate the beauty of a battle and the deep relationships formed between the soldiers, something no one can even begin to understand, except Aphrodite and Ares.

child of aphrodite percy headcanons

1) he’s gorgeous and honestly?? it’s completely unfair. he has these ridiculous cheekbones, full lips, and long eyelashes that anybody would kill for and the worst part? he doesn’t even appreciate them.

2) he has really gorgeous light brown skin. my fancast for him is anthony white and he has those really pretty light eyes (that, in percy’s case, shift from gray to blue to green to purple).

3) he’s totally nonbinary (genderflux specifically). he goes between agender, demigirl, and demiboy. gendered pronouns are bullshit and he doesn’t care which people use for him, though he tends to think of himself as a ‘he’ when not a demigirl (when they’re a demigirl, they lean more toward they/them pronouns).

4) what are gender roles?? percy doesn’t know. no seriously. he’s the only child of a single mom and the only male figure he had in his formative years was an absolute dickhead, who he vowed to never be like. he understands that society believes men should act one way and women another, but he thinks that’s bullshit.

5) he loves skirts and dresses! he loves the way they feel against his legs, especially when he shaves his legs.

6) he can walk in heels easy and has always been able to. he never stumbles or anything.

7) drew does his makeup for him sometimes,,,,,,,it’s unfair to everyone else. he’s Too Pretty

8) he’s pretty close to all of his siblings, but especially silena and drew. drew’s a little younger than him and he’s incredibly protective of her. he’s completely devoted to silena and sees her as his best friend.

9) so he doesn’t actually care how he looks but always manages to look fabulous anyway?? he’ll throw on an outfit and it’ll end up being really stylish without him even realizing.

10) i got this idea from @ofswordsandpens, but percy can actually see relationships. he can see love between people and groups of people. he can also manipulate that love and break or make relationships. mix that with his charmspeak and mild shapeshifting abilities and he’s easily the most powerful child of aphrodite in centuries.

11) he is the king of manipulation. he doesn’t mean to be and it kind of freaks him out sometimes, but between all of powers? it’s almost too easy for him to get people to do what he wants.

12) he still has a very strong scent that grover caught right away. he smells like cinnamon and vanilla, specifically, with an undercurrent of dark chocolate.

13) his favorite colors are shades of purple, specifically lavender and violet, because sally still has very fond memories of aphrodite gifting her with them while they were in a relationship.

14) while he was growing up, sally almost never talked about aphrodite and she never used any pronouns whatsoever. flash forward to him learning he’s a demigod and that he actually has two biological moms.

15) sally’s pregnancy with him was not a natural one. it only took him two months to be born, because aphrodite didn’t impregnate sally in the usual way. what happened was that aphrodite implanted a bit of her essence within sally. the essence became a fetus, which quickly developed into a baby.

16) percy has the same first name and for the same reason but his middle name is amias, which means ‘loved’.

17) the gods (mainly zeus) refused to acknowledge percy as the child of the prophecy until he actually brought down luke and, even then, had trouble believing a child of aphrodite was their savior.

18) he actually has a fairly close relationship with aphrodite, who has a bad tendency to randomly appear in his dreams and dispense love and/or fashion advice.

19) it turns out that he’s a fourth-generation legacy of tethys and has a tenuous connection to the ocean. this mostly just allows him to breathe underwater (sally also has this ability, as well as the ability to see through the mist).

20) he’s still a great sword fighter, the best at chb. he was taught by luke, who also taught him not to fear his powers and to embrace them instead and allow them to assist him with his fighting.

21) he has a very rich, soft voice and an absolutely beautiful singing voice

UP NEXT: daughter of dionysus!annabeth

shu-a-la-creme  asked:

Hey!! I saw this prompt on a tumblr post and I thought that it would be perfect for Merthur: “your horrible car is in my parking lot like i know it doesn’t have a name but it’s my parking lot i’ve grown attached to it so why don’t you move your horrible car and get your ugly f—oh my god you’re hot HELLO THERE” au

I hope you don’t mind that I slightly shifted the prompt (not too much!) Enjoy !


The Ugliest Car in the World was parked in the customer designated space in front of Arthur’s shop. It looked like it was the same age as Arthur (which for a car was old, but for Arthur it was a perfectly fine age, thank you). It had at least three dents which Arthur could see, appeared to be filled with junk (blankets, trash, bags of stuff). Not to mention it was gold. My god, it wasn’t the seventies anymore. No one had gold cars and even if they did, this car’s paint job had seen better days.

There were two distinct spots in front of Arthur’s shop which read ‘Carpenter Customer Parking’ in clear print. This was a busy street with a dozen little shops full of customers. Arthur needed these spots for his guests! Poor Alice had come into his shop to tell him that all the spots had been taken and she had to walk down the block. How was he to load her rocking chair into her car without a spot in front of his shop! Whoever owned this car had clearly ignored the label with malicious intent in their hearts and used Arthur’s car spots with evil glee.

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Minako the Goddess

Something that’s very interesting about Minako/Sailor Venus is that, not only is she the character with the most mythological references to her namesake, she is the only character in the series to be called a goddess or anything divine.

There’s also this fantastic panel, which states that the Silver Millennium version of Sailor Venus had the same origin as the mythical Aphrodite. 

In Classical Mythology, Aphrodite/Venus was born when Uranus, the personification of the sky, was castrated by his son Cronus (aka Saturn). When his severed genitals dropped into the ocean, the foam from them gave birth to Aphrodite (hence her name, which means “foam-arisen”) while the Erinyes (or the Furies) were born from the blood that was spilled. Eventually, Aphrodite emerged from the foam of the sea, fully grown and floating on a scallop shell. 

While our Venus’s origin story presumably didn’t involve castration (hopefully, although knowing Minako…), her marine origin remains intact. In addition, a drop of the foam she was born from crystalized and turned into a gem, which was then revered as a Venusian treasure. 

So I have to wonder, which came first in the SM universe: The myths or the Senshi? I think that, during the Silver Millennium, the Senshi (as well as the other immortal inhabitants of the Silver Millennium) inspired Classical Mythology, and over time the myths began to take their own shape and deviate from the source material (especially after the fall of the Silver Millennium).

A Hymn To Aphrodite

Oh Aphrodite born of wild seas,
You have the strength to move the strongest men,
You bring our heroes crashing to their knees,
Fair flowers bloom wherever you have been,
I pray to you oh radiant goddess fair,
In hopes to gain a fraction of your grace,
To you no mortal woman can compare,
Your brilliant light fills every darkened place,
Your voice is soft like feathers from a dove,
No brilliance can compare to your kind smile,
All those who glimpse your beauty fall in love,
For you are dripping grace and charm and style,
To praise your name is more than just a duty,
For you have captured my heart with your beauty

drew-tanaka  asked:

Do you have any autistic Drew Tanaka headcanons?

Some, although I think other people have covered most of them

• She always wears heels not necessarily because she likes them, but because it’s more subtle a way of walking on the balls of her feet  
• She has like seven notepads filled with different social rules etc that she picked up on from watching and analyising different shows and films, and gets so angry when the rules she uses are apparently wrong for that situation
• She also did that for characteristics that would make her a ‘the perfect daughter of Aphrodite’. It started when she watched Heathers for the first (she was totally in awe of Heather Chandler and Veronica and was totally gay for them)
• She has two comfort items, one of which is a small big teddy bear that she got from Aphrodite when she was born (she literally cannot sleep without her bear and if you steal it from her or make fun of her for it, there will be hell to pay) and a pretty pink scarf she got from Silena (she must always wear the scarf, and so plans her outfits accordingly)
• Has a precise makeup routine for each day like if she doesn’t wear her specific ‘Monday’ eyeliner on a Monday, then her whole week is ruined
• On Wednesday she must wear pink, it’s is law in Drew land
• She makes her own makeup stimming videos for her and other people in the camp
• She loves stimming to music (listen she’s a theatre geek, and will listen to the Heathers soundtrack on repeat for hours on end) and getting her siblings to sing along with her so they can harmonize
• She loves singing in front of others because of the social thrill she got from it, and the feel of people paying attention to her in a positive way for once
• She must know the exact lyrics to the song, she can’t listen to songs if she doesn’t know the lyrics it just aggravates her so much (self-projecting much?)
• She hates the feel of having/waving her legs but loves the feel of smooth legs (she could literally spend an hour feeling her legs) so she always uses hair-removal cream
• Putting lipstick on is so stimmy for her that sometimes she’ll sometimes take it off afterwards just so she can put it on again
• Her and Lacy spend so much time bonding over being autistic (they share a lot of stims and special interests)
• Nobody thinks she’s autistic, they all just think she’s a drama queen and never take her seriously, which honestly just made things worse for her until she realised that she was autistic
• You will not get away with being an ableist ass around you, you will not
• I’d like to imagine that when she first began using charmspeak on people, she didn’t even realise it. She was just so angry that nobody was listening and doing things the right way that it just happened. But once she figured it out, she began to purposely use it, because it was the only way to really get people to listen to her
• Her special interest is definitely feminism/social justice, like she will spend hours researching about that shit and writing it down in her notepads (all of which are perfectly organized and colour coded)
• She also has notepads filled with makeup techniques etc
• She basically has a notepad for everything and loves reading them late at night, like they really relax her
• Like her notepads are her life, if you mess with them then you are dead
• Whenever she wants to compare lipstick colours, she uses Lacy because lipstick is not meant to go on your hand and it feels so wrong to her, but it doesn’t bother Lacy so it’s all good

75% of these are self-projections, but I don’t care. Hope you enjoy these!

uranus · god of the sky 

Uranus, who represented the sky, was one of the original deities of Greek mythology. He was the son of Gaia, the earth, who also became his wife. Together they had many children, including the Titans and the Cyclopes. Uranus, however, detested his children. As soon as they were born, he forced them into Tartarus, a dark place deep beneath the surface of the earth. Gaia asked her children to stop Uranus, but only her son Cronus came to her aid. Cronus cut off his father’s genitals and threw them into the sea. According to myth, Aphrodite was born from the foam where they landed.

Beautiful Aphrodite, fairest of the deathless
gods, golden one whose name was praised by poets,
whose comely form was carved in stone, you are the ideal
of loveliness and grace, O peerless, flawless goddess.
I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings.

Laughter-loving Aphrodite, bringer of joy
and merriment, who takes delight in all things
pleasant and lighthearted, all festivals and feasts,
all cheerful diversions and celebrations.
I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings.

Aphrodite known as Peitho, mistress of sweet
persuasion, who turns the hearts of men and women
toward love, your gifts are welcomed by us all, goddess;
we are compelled by the eloquence of desire.
I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings.

Aphrodite, shaper of passions who kindles
the fire of life, you awaken the oldest
of instincts; by your will our breath quickens, our pulse
pounds, hard and harder until we hear nothing else.
I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings.

Clever Aphrodite, contriver of the sweetest
schemes, with cunning and guile you clear the way for love.
Devious one, deceptive one, to you do lovers turn
to find the forbidden, to grant the heart its desire.
I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings.

Aphrodite of the bridal bed, of two hearts
bound with ties as strong and thin as spider-silk.
You watch with care, O goddess, as we pledge ourselves
to one another, hands clasped in an oath of love.
I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings.

Aphrodite of all people, goddess of
the low and the lewd, the common and the coarse,
Aphrodite universal, Aphrodite blue,
Aphrodite of the need and the now. Goddess,
I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings.

Aphrodite Ourania, heavenly one,
born of brutality, from seafoam and blood
you arose. Aphrodite of the spirit,
of a love pure and true, of a flame bright and still.
I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings.



Found on GreekPagan.com

I’m reading The Lost Hero again and… Wow. There are so many things I had forgotten!

Well, this is how I see Piper in my mind now. Smol kiddo 100% ready for a fight.

She’s not the kind of girl I would befriend in school though. In Brazilian portuguese we have a word that kinda fits her: “Barraqueira”.

 At the beggining of the book she wants to fight every single girl who looks at her and especially every girl who looks at Jason, and this is really annoying. She basically wants to punch everybody to “show the world she’s strong". Of course I understand that, suffering from bullying all her life, it’s natural that she’s always in a defensive mood, but c’mon girl, just calm down. Pls.

 And to make it better, she kinda demonizes everything girly. I don’t blame her, the damn Riordan wrote her this way, but WOW it pisses me off. It starts with her judging Drew by her looks. “Too pretty, makeup, fashion style. Hum, must be evil.” And this judgement is then applied to almost every female character who does not follow the line “100% good”.

 And oh well, Aphrodite and her children. Do you guys remember the Hipnos Cabin? These guys sleep all the time, and do not seem to be good at battles. But still, whose fame is it to be useless in fights? Aphrodite’s children.

 “Ah but Hipnos’ children can make the enemy sleepy, blah blah blah”

 Aphrodite was born from Uranos. She’s probably as powerful as Zeus, or even more, because as we all know, even the gods can’t escape from love.

Love is a powerful thing. Love can be BRUTAL. So that story of Aphrodite’s children being always portrayed as supermodels who only care about their looks and boyfriends and can’t fight a bug is just RIDICULOUS

Sorry about it, is just something that really bothers me.

Great Ares I praise, bold one of the flashing eyes,
son of mighty Zeus and noble Hera you are,
beloved of golden sea-born Aphrodite.
You take joy in battle, the war-cry is your song.
Strength is yours, peerless warrior, and firm resolve,
and the pure, clear drive to defeat the enemy,
the battle rage that pushes us beyond our bounds
to achieve victory against a greater foe.
To the weak you lend strength; to the fearful, courage;
to those enslaved, the will to break the stoutest bonds.
Fierce Ares, you whose gifts ensure our survival,
O god of warriors, I praise and honor you



When Kronos sliced Ouranos into pieces, those pieces of the dead Sky fell into the sea. There, underneath the churning waves, the god’s blood mixed with the saltwater, forming the froth that became Aphrodite: she was born in the wake of murder. Beauty originated from slaughter. Do you understand yet?

They see Aphrodite as beautiful. They think beauty is synonymous with weakness. No, they do not understand.

Beauty is cutthroat, powerful, vicious. She was born this way, and needs to be this way. How else will she survive in a world where everyone believes they have a right to her, where everyone tries to take her for their own? No, beautiful does not mean helpless.

Aphrodite is not an object and no one can claim ownership of her, but they do not see this. They give her away to Hephaestus. He is kind, but he is an ever-present reminder of how the others perceive her - a prize, and nothing more. Aphrodite does not allow others to give her away. She gives herself away. She decides. It is her choice, and no one else’s. 

Ares understands this, and that is why she chooses him. Only the God of War can recognize Beauty’s ferocity, her role in the bloodshed. He can see how she hovers over the battlefield, shrouded in death.

Everyone sees Aphrodite as feminine Beauty and thereby sees her as Weakness but they are wrong. Beauty is not helplessness. Beauty is strength, independence, power. Beauty was born from murder and to murder she will return.

—  They Do Not Understand Beauty // k.m. (via @perceivingwords)