It really bugs me that children of Aphrodite are always written off as being weak. They have the potential to be the strongest, most terrifying demigods. Piper’s charmspeak was strong enough to bring Jason back to life, that is one hell of skill. Take it in reverse, a child of Aphrodite might only have to walk up to you and ask, very polity, for your heart to just stop beating. And it would.

Aphrodite boys who are tired of being asked if they’re gay just because they have keen fashion sense

Aphrodite girls who are tired of people assuming they’re girly girls just because they’re children of Aphrodite

Aphrodite kids who don’t want to break anyone’s heart

Aphrodite kids who are ace and/or aro

Aphrodite kids who don’t like the idea of sleeping around with a bunch of different people

Aphrodite kids who are really smart about something other than clothes or their looks or love and relationships and get made fun of

Aphrodite kids who’d rather be on the frontlines of the battles than worrying about relationship or outfit problems like some of their siblings

Aphrodite kids who are different but are still important


Aphrodite kids who kickass, no matter who they are, who they like, or how they dress

So imagine punk Aphrodite, with her leather jacket and pastel pink hair, volunteering at centers that help youths with eating disorders, doing her best to help the kids through the pain, both mentally and physically. To help them understand that no matter what, they are beautiful.

Imagine her walking the halls of a high school, stopping to talk to a young girl with scars on her arms, pouring her love into the girl so that she will know that she isn’t alone.

Imagine punk Aphrodite helping trans youths find their identity. Protecting them as they struggle for acceptance.

Imagine punk Aphrodite doing the hair of a young black girl, leaning down and whispering to her “never forget, that black is beautiful.”

I dunno man, just, punk Aphrodite.


greek goddess: Aphrodite

Aphrodite was the Goddess of love and beauty. She is especially associated with the islands of Cyprus, Cythera and Kos. There are contradicting myths about her birth –  one describes the Greek Goddess Aphrodite as rising as an adult from sea foam. This was as a result of her father, Cronus, cutting off Uranus’s testicals and throwing them into the sea.

Hera: We should marry Aphrodite off. She’s too irresistible, she’s going to cause problems.

Zeus: I thought so too. Which is why I gave her to Hephaestus.

Hera: … You think marrying her off to one of the ugliest gods going will keep Aphrodite from shagging everybody? Why?

Zeus: … because then she’ll be married?!?!




Hera: You’re married.

T E E N A G E  G I R L S  +  M Y T H O L O G Y: Aphrodite

People say she is foolish for giving her heart away so easily, but she knows that love works both ways. They stare at her from across the classroom, captivated by her beauty. Her lips are soft and her voice softer, as sweet as honey but laced with the intoxication of alcohol. Pleasure is her favourite pursuit, a past time to be had in the back of cars with rain racing down the windows, her touch making the whole of reality shiver.

MODERN MYTH | Aphrodite

Like love itself, Aphrodite is full of contradictions. It’s the only thing constant about her. She’s secretive, she’s showy, she’s open, she’s withdrawing. She’s hard to find, harder to keep. She can enter your life in the flicker of an eyelid, exit it at the flash of a neon light. The only thing you can do is to enjoy the her visit while it lasts. (ladymarionmacbeth)


Not everyone is so lucky to have food that they can make or give specifically to the deities. Sometimes, great financial burdens come upon us and we don’t even know when our next meal is, much less when we should give to a deity. There is nothing wrong with not being able to afford food for deities, and having to nourish your body first.


-Drawings, doodles, chicken scratches that are done with the intent of honoring the gods

-Some type of arts and crafts, like sewing, weavings, handmade jewelry or statues

-Play your favorite song that makes you think of them or make up your own. Your hands and voice are all you need to make music

-Poetry, stories, hymns and anything creative

-A glass of water. Consecrate and bless it, then offer it up to a deity

-Volunteer your time at places that would please that specific deity. Clean up the forests and sides of the road for Gaea, or the beach for Aphrodite, or help out at an animal shelter for Artemis.  


Dedicate a meal or supper to them that you are eating. With every piece of food, tell the gods that you are dedicating this meal to them and eating it along side them, that as it nourishes you, so it nourishes them. It would be a good idea to see what foods they like and to try and get those types, if you can.