aphrodisiac plants

This is my suave Sylvari Warrior, Khatroes! He works alongside Kyx Pleasuretongue and Mistress Moessa at her brothel, and is the #1 most requested brothel worker! He’s ex-nightmare courtier and was mentored by @psychologicallyokay’s beautiful sylvari, Cosmostis.

title : pridie kalends sextilis [R+18 / M]
summary : july is considered as the hottest month in the northern hemisphere.  for ssm 2015. [31 prompts] (link for the 2014 version)
prompt: hunger (hah, how appropriate!)
note: it’s funny how similar this fic is from last year: it was also published on July 14, and was nudged to fruition by a certain grandma, who asked me “hey, are you doing the one-sentence again?”

dedicated to the famished  sasusakumonth mods who are probably very very hungry right now. special thanks to pinkiddo peonydee and nikitahawkeye in helping me in times of need.

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