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Something RomaPiri

I kinda ship this because I make them look so tsundere for each other.. Well, a bit anyway… Because of random writer’s block and also random ideas flowing in, this happened:

“Hey, mango bastard, come here,” Lovino Vargas told the lady who was wearing a maid outfit. “You shouldn’t call me that, Lovi.. We’re both working for Master Antonio,” Maria Clara de la Cruz said as she put aside her broom. 

“Shut up, as if you know everything, Maria,” Lovino said. His face flushed red as he said Maria’s name. “What’s wrong with you? Do you have allergies when you say my name?” Maria puffed her cheeks and looked at Lovino annoyingly. “I-It’s fucking nothing, bastard,” Lovino said, covering his face.

“So what did you want to show me?” Maria came closer to Lovino. “I uhh.. tried to make a damned ice cream cake for you,”  Lovino said, showing something that was from an ice cream commercial in the Philippines. “You should have did something better, Lovi.. But thanks..” Maria looked away blushing.

“You’re way to obvious, bastard,” Lovino said. “Sorry.. I-I’m not used to dating someone,” Maria said. Lovino carefully held Maria’s hand. “Get used to it..” Lovino said blushing. 


Writer’s block.. ;o;


Batangas is actually a really patient guy. Which is pretty much contrary to what others stereotype him as hot-headed or easily angered.

Batangas actually has a pretty long patience rope, but please don’t touch his own coffee, he refuses to drink coffee from others unless they’re personally made, and not bought from a sari-sari store or any mall. He values hardwork from others and respects the effort they made in making them so he can see how hardworking you might have been by how you make your coffee after he drinks it.

The Barako coffee he personally makes are “better-tasting” as stated by Manila, and so the latter loves drinking them. However, he is quicker to drink rather than ask for Batangas to make one for him or pour one for him at least. Manila claims that the aroma has compelled him to drink it spontaneously (even if he just feels lazy or a bit prideful to admit that Batangas makes better coffee than he does since he wants things to be instant lol).

Batangas carries a Balisong (Butterfly Knife) with him, but keep in mind that the carrying of that weapon is now illegal in the Philippines UNLESS one has demonstrated the need in professional livelihood or utilitarian purpose (such as cutting grass, preparing fruits and meats, being a vendor of knives, being martial arts instructors, etc.) so that one is able to walk around with bladed implements in the urban areas. He is the most skilled in using it among his fellow provinces and cities.