A HUGE, HUGE Thank you to all the wonderfully talented blogs that have drawn my muse/s so far this year, they’re all so fantastic and I feel so blessed!

@ask-vampire-francis I am 100000% gay for Marianne, I won’t lie. ALSO, very smooth artworks, lots of rounded edges, very easy on the eyes and I am in L O V E WITH IT

@ask-missouri I find your art style very reminiscent of Hima’s, yet entirely unique and I adore it

@askthemonstrous-canadian I love the story and darker themes of your blog, they’re always intriguing and well thought out, and the characters are engaging and well-drawn

@askfreedumbland I love the way you draw Alfred, he always looks great in your art style and I love seeing you on my dash!

@ask-ghost-feli Ok, your art is the most adorable I’ve seen, and the muse is even more so!

@ask-aph-merman-arthur Another super-duper cute blog with a mun who runs 3 ask blogs, all of which are top-notch (please check them out, they are @ask-oliver-pokemondaycare & @ask-mapleandtea )

@ask-the-dakotas Another amazingly talented artist who also runs 3 really good blogs (the other two being @ask-pennsylvania-and-ohio and @ask-aph-lake-erie )

@ask-aph-la-catracha A great blog with a healthy dose of historical accuracy, and traditional art that is simply lovely!

Another couple of blogs that I simply adore include:

@ask-indian-ocean (who inspired me to make this blog)



@ask-miss-pangea (another blog who encouraged me to start this one)