I wasted way to much time of my like on this. Anyway, enjoy👌🏼
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Me when I talk about my smol babies:

Person: So which character do you like the most?


Person:*waits for answer*


Friend:…Uh.. So?

Me: Oh, you were serious. *Precedes to explain lots of characters I like from different series whether it be books or manga or anime and gab about how beautiful each and everyone of them are along with shipping and ships for hours and hours.*

Person:…Um, I said one character.

Me: And I have blessed you with many.


Me: You’re welcome.

Nordics at the mall

Iceland: *drags Hong Kong into Hot topic and Spencer’s* THERE IS A FUCKING SALE MOVE YOUR ASS

Denmark: *running around the littls play land for kids* NORGE!!! LOOK!! *does backflip into baby foam pit*

Norway: *waiting for Den to stop FUCKING around* GET OFF YOUR ASS AND LET’S GO TO JC FUCKING PENNY BABE!

Sweden: *trying in sunglasses* *looses fin*

Finland: *applies for mall santa* *buying bathbombs from lush*

sealand: *at home being bbsat by estonia*


This one I didn’t spend a lot of time on, but I can say I like his face, so oh well! Forgive me if he doesn’t look like Norway (I thought he looked like Russia) I’ve never drawn him before x’D

Oh, by the way! Someone has asked me if I used references on dA and the answer is yes, of cours.! I only play the flute, so I really don’t know how to draw these instruments ‘perfectly.’