Be sure to look out for your pocket Ians, as despite being able to handle most pests, they can still fall prey to larger animals like rats and dogs.
Garden-pests like aphids and some parasitic fungi can also effect them, so be sure to watch out for any signs of stress or sickness from your pocket Ians.

Do any gardeners have any tips for aphid control that are ideally organic and perhaps preventative rather than curative? I hate the idea of killing insects, I’d rather deter them from ever latching on, but the aphids are really starting to take a liking to my Borage and Calendula and I’d like to nip it in the bud (no pun intended) before it gets really bad.

Only downside to growing nasturtiums is they are an aphid magnet. Not that it bothers the plant much as it grows so fast they barely make a dent on it. I just snip off any really bad leaves like this or leave them for the beneficials to gobble up. Plus it has been working as a great beneficial magnet. The plant has a crowd of immature ladybugs and lacewings prowling for aphids. The bumblebees just love all the fragrant flowers.


Buffet is open! by Jon Nichols
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Ladybug has hit the jackpot of aphids.