polygonfighter  asked:

if youre still doing fakemon requests, How about an Aphid that doubles its numbers+stats every round?

Phididdle and Mumphlee - bug. i figure in battle for the first five rounds mumphlee can summon phididdle so at most she can have five. I think doubling it’s stats every turn is a bit too op, so maybe its more like a small stat boost to defenses and attack, but HP and SPD don’t change.

mini creekclan

underneath the cut is a post containing little chibis of each cat in creekclan. i made the lineart recently and created multiple adaptions to fit different sorts of fur lengths, ear types, injuries, etc. i’ll be working on putting together a post like this for both jaggedclan next. you can find nettleclan here.

you are free to do whatever you wish with these…use them, admire them, print them out and pin them to a dartboard…whatever you’d like!

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Sometimes people ask me “what’s the point of this/these dolls?” Or “why?” And I’m always confused by these questions bc people don’t ask painters or illustrators or sculptors what’s the point of their art. Bc it’s art. Everything doesn’t need to have a point or a purpose. I create these 3D characters bc if I didn’t I’d have nothing, I’d be dead. As much of a sadcase I must sound like. 🤷🏽‍♀️