Top Six Hetalia Ships

Now in my opinion, these are MY OTPS. If you don’t like one, I totally understand. We all have our own opinions after all~ Ufu~

1. Gerita
Okay just to get this one out of the way, it’s everybody’s original OTP. I mean come on, look at em! Pure and innocent cuties :)

2. Purita
Prussia has a crush on Italy, has loads of pictures of him on his phone. And flirted with him? I detect a ship. Adorable ;3 I still ship them, at the same time I like my little friend zoned sad boi ;)

3. Prucan
Ah, now I know there’s a tiny tiny TINY bit of beef with Prucan shippers and Pruita shippers. I’m a multi shipper with Prussia though ;) Anyways, I think it’s adorable that Prussia ate pancakes with Canada. And it’s said that his favorite food was pancakes. :3

Sure they bicker and argue sometimes, but they do have times where they get along just fine. Kinda reminds me of a cute little salty couple..

5. Ameripan
I started really shipping them when America started to get along with Japan. Going over to his place to just hang out, the horror movie thing was ADORABLE! He was super scared and held onto Japan. (I know quite a few people who don’t like Ameripan and that’s just fine!)

6. R👏U👏S👏A👏M👏E 👏
Kinda like FRUK, they bicker but in the manga they do say they get along! So cute, just look at em! Tall (kinda albino?) boy with a cute lil chubby blonde boi. LOOK AT EM!! If you ever need anything to do, I recommend going through the Rusame tag (if you ship it of course) C👏U👏T👏I👏E👏S👏

(As you notice USUK isn’t on the list, and well..That’s because I don’t ship it *watches all followers disappear* I’m not going into depth why I don’t ship it because I don’t want to start anything, but I respect your ships so respect mine. Also! If you see this and are inspired to make one yourself, tag me! I would LOVE to see your ships and your opinions. Thank you~)


Nicknames for You - Axis + Austria and Prussia

Germany/Ludwig】Liebling. He loves calling you that because it reminds him and you just how much he loves you and adores you. 

 Italy/ Feliciano】Cuore mio. Meaning, “my heart,” Feliciano calls you this to say how you’ve captivated his heart!

 Japan/Kiku】He isn’t too fancy with nicknames as he prefers to call you Y/N, but he’ll occasionally call you Y/N-kun or Y/N-chan.

 Austria/Roderich】Schnuckiputzi. Sometimes, this name seems crazy or weird to you and others hearing it, but it means simply ‘cutie pie.’ The other countries are unaware of what this means whenever he refers to you as this, but Gilbert is often found laughing his head off at this nickname.

Prussia/Gilbert】Gilbert has two names for you. The first is ‘little birdie,’ referring to you based off of his loved Gilbird. Next, is ‘schatz.’ In German, this means treasure. Gilbert truly believes you are the greatest treasure of his life.

I bet one day, poor Veneziano was just like,
-“hey big brother? Can you please try to be a bit nicer to Germany for me pleeeease?”
And then Romano was just all,
-“The fucking potato bastard? Fuck no.”
So then Veneziano started to cry and Romano felt kinda bad so he said,
-“ Oh my god-FINE just stop crying”
So one day Germany was kinda suspicious because fucking ROMANO had invited him to dinner, and had only cursed during and at him five or six times. And he knew for a fact that Feli was hanging out with Japan. So he was starting to wonder if he was about to be the victim of a murder attempt. So when Germany got his food, it looked kind of weird,
-“what kind of pasta is this? It’s not the kind Feliciano makes. . ”
-“Oh look, it has eyes, no shit it’s not the kind my dumbass of a brother makes.”
-“so what is it?”
And Romano looks him in the eye and just

England x Germany { GerUK }

Arthur: you know Ludwig, I don’t like your name.
Ludwig: excuse me?!
Arthur: yea. I don’t like your name, particularly your last name.
Ludwig: *angry* what’s wrong with it?!
Arthur: it doesn’t suit you. You should change it.
Ludwig: change it?! To what?!
Arthur: …Kirkland *walks away*
Ludwig: did you just…
Ludwig: did you just propose?!