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Ukraine was anything but a crybaby during the time of Kievan Rus. She was quick-tempered and ruthless towards her enemies. That changed when she and Russia (back then the Duchy of Moscow) were captured by the Golden Horde. During their capture, she took all of the blame on herself and was tortured for several years. That was over a millennium ago, and she is still traumatized by the events that happened back then, this developing into her fidgety personality.

Okay….. I am tired of seeing one-dimensional characterizations of Belarus and I know that happens with all characters to some extent, but it is particularly bad with her. So here are some cool facts I found about Belarus that make her a more round character:

-she is really into the occult and is a great fortune teller

-she can see ghosts but Latvia says she’s so intimidating even ghosts would avoid her

-she may or may not speak Polish

-she zones out all the time. Her mind will just go blank and she’ll stare at something (like her bow) for hours on end. One time she watched white noise on tv for three hours. Occasionally she’ll have a jolt realization that the day has ended and night came without her noticing

-she is very strong, both physically and of heart and will, though the latter only shines through in negative ways

-she’s “extremely vulgar” in the calmest, most casual tone of voice

-she’s been into rock music lately

-she’s a good acrobat. Her gymnasium is her pride

-America took her in after the Soviet Union collapsed and she thought only bad things came from associating with Russia

-Russia values her opinion and /they can get along peacefully/. Belarus is pretty attached to Ukraine. Ukraine worries about her

-she has an EXTREMELY negative view of humans

-she thinks philosophically about death, specifically her own, a lot. Since she knows she will die eventually, she tries to appreciate the moment

-she loves her traditional clothing

-she is perpetually annoyed by American ghosts, who apparently don’t even bother hiding, like a normal ghost would

-she prank calls Lithuania. And you know that thing where someone calls you and doesn’t say anything, they just breathe into the phone? She does that to Poland

-when she lived with America she completely sapped that guy of all his endless energy; she made him so tired he started trying to get rid of her


Dear Anon,

I see you’re going through some hard times right now. Let me just say that when you do have the courage to come out to you family, friends, co-workers, etc. that you don’t let anything they say deter you. You are who you are, and that’s all you’ll never be. You’re you, not someone else. I never understood why people wanted to be like everyone else, a world full of the same people with the same qualities and interests would be boring. So don’t change a thing about yourself.

The people who stand by you will be your friends no matter what, and the ones who don’t accept you…you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. Don’t ever feel ashamed of who you are. Hell, you’re inspiring ME to come out. Have you ever heard of being a panromantic asexual? I hadn’t until I figured out what I was. So…I hope you find out who you are.

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“You can do it, da? I believe in you.”

A Hetalia sleep over

Well first we got america taking the pillow fighting to the next level 

Then we got Russia suffocating Cuddling the closeted person who deiced to sleep next to him

We got italy trying not to throw up at the pizza that they got

England trying not to fall asleep since he knows they will draw on his face

We got Hungary, Belarus, Ukraine and Lichtenstein  eating  all the sweets

Japan in the conener just being japan

Prussia steal the girl sweets 

After the girls beat him up,the bad friend trio tries to get back at them

But in the end France joins the girls 

Spain is really happy for the sleep over 

They all go into sleep deprivation and weird shit like this starts happening 

  • Russia: Belarus, I need help...
  • Belarus: ... wait... you're asking me for help? I know I should be extremely happy, but I'm actually very concerned...
  • Russia: I accidentally shrunk big sister's favourite shirt in the dryer and I know she'll be mad at me... and you know how she is when she's mad!
  • Belarus: she's going to kill you... well, do what I always do.
  • Russia: and what is that?
  • Belarus: blame it on Latvia.
  • Latvia, from the distance: WHAT????