Kuwabara vs. Byakko, Round 1

Kurama seemed…subtly delighted by Kuwabara’s toilet-humor-ish method of retrieving his aura from Byakko. I guess being an ancient and cunning youkai doesn’t exempt one from a crass sense of humor.

I also love Yusuke’s repeated attempts to keep Kuwabara from fighting alone. Their blooming friendship is one of my favorite things about the series, honestly.

Oh I missed a small bit. 

Can you see how it was vital that I make an entire new post for this? Yes. Me too. 

Fai you are a glorious troll. “Oh, hello tall dark and scary ninja dude. Can I call you a cute school girl? Repeatedly? All the time? No, there is no subtext behind my question at all. Why do you ask?”

Kurogane you are in way over your head. There is no escape. 

Coloring process shot on what became the most iconic drawing of Ramona.

Everyone always cosplays this with bright pink shorts, but I originally saw them as much darker… oh well! I love seeing all the variations people come up with – denim jackets, leather jackets, hoodies, gloves, shoes… I love my cosplayers u_u;