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Zero: Spirit Focus – Demo Release

We used to spend a lot of time here together, didn’t we?

Spirit Focus is a fan made Hetagame, based on the characters of Hetalia and the story of the wonderful game series, Zero, known to the Americans as Fatal Frame and the Europians as Project Zero. 

This game will hopefully have you sat at the edge of your seat as we pick up the story in Act 2, following Lovino Vargas as he wakes up in the forest to find his younger twin has wandered off. Will you be able to help him catch Feliciano before they stumble upon a dark secret ages older than them?

This Game is a Demo of what we will hopefully release come Easter time. Naturally because of this it is in it’s Beta stages, and whilst we have made every effort to fix bugs with the game, you may still come across some, please feel free to leave us any feedback on the game here, in fact we would very much appreciate if you gave us a critique of how you felt the game was, and the gameplay felt. 

If this demo is successful, there may be ways in which we can ask any potential fans to be involved with some things.

To download, please retrieve from here: [link]