My dear followers, 
soon I´ll be travelling to Thailand for a holiday. 
Of course, I am super excited mostly about traditional culture. 
As I collect the traditional costumes of the world, I would also like to buy the Thai one, or at least a part of it. 

Let me say I truly admire the beauty of these clothes, however, I have no knowledge about it. I would also like to know more about the patterns, meanings, symbols and stories behind it, in order to appreciate this wonderful culture more. 

Does some of you know where to buy it? Or can you please share this between your Thai friends so that someone can advise me? Thank you very very much!

Locals in Thailand Village Claim Black Magic Tattoos Helped Preserve the Skin of a Corpse

A group of cemetery workers clearing a graveyard in Thailand near the Laos border were shocked to excavate the corpse of a man whose skin had been persevered, as if by magic.  In fact, some people have said the skin was preserved by black magic. The skin had black magic tattoos with a spell to make his skin impenetrable. Ironically, experts believe that the man possibly died from appendicitis simply because his skin was too hard to cut through.

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