The Maeklong Railway Market near Bangkok is a popular tourist spot that runs along both sides of the railway tracks. Every time a train comes along the vendors have to fold away their awnings and everyone has to get off the tracks and stand to the side while the train passes. This particular vendor had the least happy expression that I think I’ve ever seen, but she sold good fruit.

‘ladyboy’ and ethnocentric trans activism.

I’ve always been repulsed at the term ‘ladyboy’ for me it seems both invalidating in terms of gender, moreover it seems to have associations with prostitution.  It was however been bought to my attention that apparently many trans women in Thailand and south east Asia use this term and don’t believe it has negative connotations, is it ethnocentric for us western trans women to consider it a slur? I really don’t know.

actually…Speaking of wild geckos.
The other night I came across this good child.
It’s a Kuhl’s flying gecko. They glide!! 
I just love the shape of the tail and webbed feets… This has got to be one of the coolest geckos I’ve met, yet!
He was very skittish though, and made a daring escape moments after I snapped this photo.