Sweden’s IceHotel Is Real, But It Looks Like A Disney Fantasy

Most people try to get out of the cold on winter vacations, but if you’re headed to Sweden’s Icehotel this year (which is, as you might have guessed, a hotel made out of ice), then you obviously have a thing for chilly temperatures. In this case you’re lucky, because while the hotel may be frigid, it’s absolutely gorgeous.


It’s like Bad Grandpa in real life.

Niki Adams: If progress is to be made now an amendment to the modern slavery bill has been defeated, MPs must invite us into the discussion

"In the past it’s been hard for sex workers, burdened by illegality and stigma, to speak up. Not this time. Scores of women, trans and male sex workers wrote to MPs, outraged that their views, and the experiences of Swedish sex workers in particular, were being ignored. Swedish sex workers have said that since clients have been criminalised, they have been treated worse by the authorities; as the stigma attached to prostitution has increased, women have become less able to report violence to the police, some have had their children taken away and there have been reports of suicide."