(This is gonna be a loooonnggg post. You were warned)

I am now very obsessed with Hetalia Vietnam. I was watching a Hong Kong x Taiwan / S.Korea x Vietnam video, and I tried doodling Vietnam. Now I have researched the Vietnam War, I know what woman wear, and I can now draw a near perfect lotus.

I have a few headcanons for her now.

But, before, anything, I’ll sum up the Vietnam war and current day Vietnam.

The war began in 1954, and ended in 1975. Communist North Vietnam wanted the South to be as well. One major ally was Viet-Cong.Their supporters inculded the Soviet Union, North Korea, and Cuba. The South wanted to stay free. Some of their allies were America, South Korea, and Australia. Some of their supporterswere Spain and Taiwan. The U.S played a major role within the war. But not nessacarily a good one. There were many crimes of war commited by American forces, such as destroying villages and raping local women. They also were losing the war, then withdrew. In the end, North Vietnam prevailed. Vietnam later reunified, and became the Socialist Republic of Vietnam as it is today.

Today, Vietnam is the fastest ecomically growing nation in the world,and is westernizing But, it still suffers from great income and gender inequality.

Now, the headcanons.

1.She has split personalities. During the Vietnam War, it was much like the Korean war, where it was the communist North fighting the democratic South. But, the creator never specified a North or South Vietnam, just Vietnam. Even though the character wears traditional Southern clothing, I think she is both. During the war, which was 19 years long, she had to divide her entire self between her two warring halves. So when someone brings the war up, her North personality surfaces sometimes. She becomes cold, and apathetic, sometimes even cruel. It is usually S.Korea, belive it or not, who has to calm her down. That brings me to headcanon two…

2.Her and S.Korea get along really well. Even though they have huge personality differences, some of the hardships they faced were identical, even if more severe for Vietnam. They also both dislike his brother, N.Korea, and can’t even stand him. Sometimes, Vietnam will begin to cry, and S.Korea will just sit there, hugging here. These have been less frequent as of late, but more severe when they come. When she becomes N.Vietnam, he will do something to distract everyone, and bring her somewhere quiet so she can return to normal.

3. She is highly trained in milatary things. She can put together guns and shoot with chilling accuracy. She has immense physical strength, helped by the fact that she is a country. When someone sneaks up on her, even just playfully,he may retaliate. She has rendered Taiwan immobile a few times.

These are all I have for her at the moment. I’m sure I’ll have more later.

(Wow, this entire post was depressing).

My Trip to Korea [Update #3]

The people in Korea are beyond polite. They are very helpful and not as judgmental as they have been stereotyped to be. I have made some great friends here so far. The program that I am a part of is short therefore it is perfect since the study load is not too much. The organizers as well as the teachers understand the time constraints so they are very understanding.

One of my friends pushed me to go to Chanyeol’s parent’s cafe  (Vivapolo) with her. I must say I was surprised when I got there. The walls were filled with fan letters and artwork. Even though most of the customers are fangirls, the food is GREAT. Here are some pictures I took:

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