A snippet from the JJBA official movie guide has a 4 page spread interview with Araki where he mentions wanting to create a 19 page backstory for Kakyoin but couldn’t due to Jump, at the time, needing a weekly battle in the series. Also, a bit about main hero characters having thick eyebrows and how difficult it was for him to draw Kakyoin’s because they were thin.

Hiroyuki Sawano (Vocal: mpi, Yosh, Gemie)

A new, extended preview of Barricades, the new vocal song in Attack on Titan Season 2′s OST, set to release in a few days! (June 7th). This preview is a little longer than what one considers “TV-Size”-length (1 minute and 30 seconds) and features previously unheard parts of the song, including the verse and the chorus. It was featured alongside gravityWall (RE:Creators OP) in a Radio talk from June 4th.