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나는 로빅이다. 170218 <VIXX Live Show in Hong Kong ‘THE UNDERWORLD’> 공연을 마친 #빅스 요원들의 모습이다. 뜨거운 응원을 보내준 별빛요원들 고맙습니다!

I am Rovix. Presenting the #VIXX agents who finished their stages for 170218 <VIXX Live Show in Hong Kong 'THE UNDERWORLD’> . Thank you to the Starlight agents who cheered for us warmly!

trans by @hakyeon-go-go

Ok I cant get enough of this. This is definitely after their pair skate and somebody threw a Yurio plushie. Look at the faces of Yuuri and Victor. They look like proud parents posing for the camera for a family picture. Im kinda bummed that they don’t have the rings tho… (x

Yuuri’s left hand tho damnnnnnn son! You should’ve moved it down to your husband’s ass ;>

Persona Magazine

Soooo thanks to @sillyfudgemonkeys​ (thank youuu!) I got to see the Persona Magazine that was recently released and there were some cute tidbits I thought were worth sharing! :’D Specially since the blog was dead for the last two weeks haha

First is Aigis’s profile. It starts with the typical stuff about her being an anti-shadow weapon, but then it ends with this adorable line: 

“She wants/hopes to be together with the Main Character.”

Then is the introduction of Aigis’s Aeon S-Link as one of the points of interest that differentiates FES from Vanilla P3 (plus as the first time the Aeon arcana showed up in a game). It’s pretty sweet, so here’s a loose translation of it:

New Social Link “Aeon”

Aigis’s S-Link happened in “Episode Yourself”! Through conversations with the Main Character, Aigis starts to ponder about the human existence. It may be difficult to Max this S-Link due to the time-frame, but the conversations between the pair are content you can’t afford to miss!

And of course, there is also this:

Nice to see the hug always makes it whenever the movies are brought up!

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