“I headcanon that Fem!America has a more muscular and bulkier body instead of the boring and cliched beauty standard of a perfect hourglass figure. That would fit Fem!France, Fem!Spain and Fem!Poland. A girl that’s not ashamed of showing off her body that doesn’t fit the dumb beauty standard.”

I personally just want the slut-shaming and body-shaming to end.

- Mod V

Amelia had always been surrounded by men; a protective circle that upheld her honor like knights of the round table. from her Papa, who did anything she asked with a doting smile, to her father, who did everything she asked after telling her very firmly he wouldn’t, to her older brother, who understood her better than anyone else ever had, to HIS best friend, who was simply a pain in the ass. Maybe those men were one of the reasons that she first took notice of Ivan. He was, after all, huge. And she wanted someone in her life that could stand against the tide of intimidation her loyal guards ought to impose upon anyone who got to close, and maybe she even wanted someone they couldn’t stop if they tried. She adored freedom. She saw in Ivan, before she even spoke to him, in his broad shoulders and towering figure, the freedom to defy.

Her sky blue eyes shocked Ivan. He had never had someone focus on him with as much intensity as she did. He couldn’t say where she had come from; one day she was simply there where the day before she’d been totally absent. She possessed an energy he had never found in another person. He thought, at first, that she must want something from him, but she was far too annoying to be effectively manipulative. When he perceived what she did want, that she was… flirting, he initially reacted negatively. She was so different than him… An entire world apart. 

He was so negative. She didn’t get it. She asked him once, why he didn’t sie more. Why he kept calling her naive. She was just as old as he was! He told her she had experienced a good life where he had not. She hadn’t been too impressed; she was so full of the future. He was stuck in the present, bounded by the past. She pushed him to move on. She challenged him to smile.

Amelia immensely frustrated Ivan. She was the rare kind that was not afraid of him, and she had no sense for his anger. She did not back off when he was upset, when he was… afraid. When he lashed back. She never backed off. Everything was a challenge to her willpower.

He respected her. 

He freed her. 

He needed her.