The Signs as Egyptian Goddesses/Gods

Aries: Amun- an immensely powerful ram-headed warrior god. At one point he was combined with the sun god Ra to create the even MORE powerful Amun-Ra.

Taurus: Hapi- he was responsible for the yearly flooding of the Nile, which brought important nutrient-rich silt along with it. He’s depicted with a pot-belly and often surrounded by water plants.

Gemini: Thoth- the ibis-headed god of thought and writing.

Cancer: Bes- a dwarf with human and lion features, he protected children, family, and expectant mothers.

Leo: Ra- the sun god himself, of course. He had a hawk head and a headdress with a sun disk on it.

Virgo: Seshat- the goddess of measurement and writing, she wore a dress made of panther skin and a star crown

Libra: Ma’at- the goddess of harmony, truth and justice; she was depicted with a feather in her hair.

Scorpio: Anubis- the jackal-headed god of embalming and the dead.

Sagittarius: Shu- he was the god of air and sunlight, who held up the sky (Nut) to keep it separate from the earth.

Capricorn: Ptah- wrapped in a white cloak and carrying a staff, he was a creator god whose very words came into being. He was the god of craftsmen.

Aquarius: Nun- shown as a man carrying a raft or a piece of bark, he was the “waters of chaos” in Egyptian creation myths.

Pisces: Nut- a goddess who forms the sky, her gown covered in stars. She swallowed the sun god, Ra, every evening and gave birth to him every morning.

Who was Alhazen?

Born around a thousand years ago in present day Iraq, Al-Hasan Ibn al-Haytham (known in the West by the Latinized form of his first name “Alhazen”) was a pioneering scientific thinker who made important contributions to the understanding of astronomy and mathematics as well as vision, optics and light. al-Haytham was born in 965 CE in Basra. However, he spent most of his life around the Fatimid Caliphate in Cairo, and died there in 1040 CE. His first project? He proposed to the Caliph a hydraulic project to improve regulation of the flooding of the Nile, and his method included an early attempt at building a dam at the present site of the Aswan Dam!

To have food and shelter, al-Haytham tutored various nobility while writing treatises on subjects that interested him. Among other things, he was the first to explain that vision occurs when light bounces on an object and then is directed to one’s eyes, he is considered the first theoretical physicist, and he began the mathematics to connect algebra and geometry.


Miniature bakers and brewers from an Egyptian tomb (the Tomb of Meketre near Thebes), ca. 1900 BCE. These figures were found in the wreckage of a tomb that had otherwise been looted, and the bakery and brewery were “protected” by a miniature guard. 


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