U.K. politician carves election promises into stone monolith.

On Sunday morning, Labour leader Ed Miliband announced that he’d literally set his election promises in stone, commissioning an 8-foot limestone monolith bearing six policy pledges.

Miliband pledged that if he is elected Prime Minister, the monolith will be placed in the garden of his official residence as a reminder of his promises to the British public.

Unfortunately, all of his pledges are totally ambiguous and nonspecific. Instead of stating real targets, the stone slab lists six near-meaningless phrases like “controls on immigration” and “a strong economic foundation.”



Rules: Name future royal children using the given initials. Name one child per number, unless otherwise stated. Specific rules below.

Round 4: Name the new Princess of Cambridge using the initials provided. 

Example- M. V. R. Margaret Victoria Rose

  1. S. H. J.
  2. M. E. D.
  3. K. F. L.
  4. I. S. A.
  5. P. H. V.
  6. A. I. J.
  7. O. E. A.
  8. C. M. A.
  9. A. V. R. 
  10. E. C. M.

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anonymous asked:

I'm American and am not 10/10 on my knowledge of England and the traditions etc but I think the birth of the little girl is pretty neat. She shares a birthday with David Beckham too and the running of the KY Derby. Lots of wonderful things happened yesterday! But really congrats to William and Kate.

Thank you :)

Even if one doesn’t give a toss about the monarchy, is it so hard to respect the birth of one more little girl, no matter who she is? Why do they always have to go “WELL WHAT ABOUT THESE OTHER BABIES BLAH BLAH BLAH SHES NOTHING SPECIAL!”

Maybe she’s not special to all of you who hate an innocent baby so much, but she is special to us.