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“There’s like christmas pudding and… sticky toffee pudding and banana pudding and bread and butter pudding is a good one but pudding in general is just, like…”

BBC2 to air ambitious series detailing A Black History Of Britain
David Olusoga offers a four-part re-telling of our history that will coincide with a number of BBC Black History plaques being unveiled at locations across Britain

BBC2 have commissioned an “ambitious” series which will tell A Black History of Britain – and they are describing it as “national event.”

Written and presented by acclaimed historian and broadcaster David Olusoga, A Black History of Britain “aims to overturn the image of black history as a marginal side-bar to mainstream history with new, dramatic and at times shocking chapters from our collective past.”

The four-parter will draw on genetic and genealogical research, original records, expert testimony and contemporary interviews to reveal how the lives of black and white Britons have been intimately entwined for centuries.

The series will also see over 20 specially designed BBC Black History plaques being unveiled at locations across Britain, former colonies and the Commonwealth. The plaques will record and celebrate people and events that are pivotal to this new history.

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You can also read more about John Blanke, Trumpeter to the Court of Henry VII & Henry VIII, here!

(Westminster Tournament Roll, 1511)

Petition: Prevent the scrapping of the maintenance grant.
From 2016 onwards, the maintenance loan, which was originally put in place to provide assistance to low income families, will be withdrawn. This petition hopes not only to prevent this from occurring but additionally, to offer students a voice with which to be heard in Parliament.

today the maintenance grant given to students from low income families has been scrapped, meaning that from september onward students can no longer receive up to £3,387 worth of grant money that they would have received before. this means that poorer students will have to take out larger loans, and will end up with up to £53,000 worth of debt when they leave. 

one of the worst things about this is that the tories passed this through on the down low without taking it to debate with the rest of the house of commons - only 17 MPs debated this

to get this issue debated in the house of commons this petition needs 100,000 signatures, so please, please spread the word and sign. you can only sign if you are a british citizen, but if you live in another country i urge you to share this in case you have british followers.