Guys I have a question!! Say you want to audition in English for a Korean Entertainment agency, which one will be the best?

I want to audition and my first choice was BigHit but they don’t take girls trainees and even after 3 years that hasn’t changed. I don’t want to waste any more time. Can someone help? Are there other agencies like JYP, SM, Lien, Jellyfish?? If anyone has done something like this and/or already passed an audition I’ll be so grateful for your help.

Overwatch video title: South Korea vs. [insert country here]

Actual video title: Watch South Korea single-handedly destroy the entire world of Overwatch e-sports and also Dive Comp as we know it

What disgusts me the most about the tensions and commentary about North Korea’s threat in response to that idiot in charge of USA is that for some reason all of you idiotic Americans think that you’re the only ones in terrible danger. No one cares for Southern Koreans in that situation, despite the fact that if it starts a war, that war will take place on the Korean Peninsula and many innocent Koreans will die.


DSC_2417 von BA HAU VU
At Kookmin University, Seoul, South Korea