Hetalia characters in a horror movie
  • N. Italy:The one who suggests that they check out the creepy place the killer is rumored to be in
  • Germany:The one who tries to deny all of it and find a logical explanation for what's happening until it's too late
  • Prussia:The one who dies first
  • Japan:The one who figures out who the killer is but is killed immediately afterwards for the sake of drama
  • Canada:The one who was the killer all along
  • England:The one who reveals who/what the killer is
  • America:The one who makes it out in the end
  • China:The one who yells "is anybody there" like they are expecting the killer to answer
  • France :the one who dies after making out with another person because they didn't notice the killer coming
  • Russia:The one who dies fighting the killer
  • Spain:The one who sacrifices themselves so the others have a chance if getting away
  • S. Italy:The one who screams at everything
  • Hungary:The only one smart enough to run to the front door and not upstairs
  • Austria:The one who finds everyone dead in the end

A gentle melody played from Kiku’s handheld game like a music box. He fit snug in the cranny between Ivan and the armrest of the chair. Without a word they occasionally shifted and adjusted themselves. Eventually they were in a position where Kiku was resting his head on Ivan’s arm.

The larger man tapped his finger on his tongue before turning the page of his book. A loud jingle broke his concentration and turned his attention to the game, and then to Kiku himself.

Kiku’s brows were furrowed and he chewed on his lip in deep focus. Ivan leaned his face into his dark hair, taking in the subtle scent. Trailing downward, he stopped at the nape of Kiku’s neck. He inhaled softly and, with peach fuzz tickling his lips, he pursed them together into a kiss. He felt the smaller man swallow thickly.

The reaction was enough to make Ivan to put down his book and the two shuffled around again. The result was Ivan’s arms around Kiku and Kiku’s head on Ivan’s chest. Their legs were tangled together and elevated on the arm of the loveseat. Kiku saved his game as Ivan began to doze off.

But heavy footsteps from the other side of the apartment picked up speed– the source busting into the room and quickly dropping himself in Kiku’s lap.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING,” Alfred declared.

Trying to imagine Russia x Japan interactions

anonymous asked:

How would Germany, America, Prussia, Russia, and England react to be handed a hand knitted scarf from their S/O?

Ludwig (Germany) and Alfred (America)- Neither of them really wear scarves all that often, but if it was from their s/o they’d have it on as often as possible. Alfred might appreciate that his s/o took the time to make it so much that sometimes even in the summer he’d put it on for a bit. Ludwig would appreciate it too but he’d be more practical with it’s usage. 

Gilbert (Prussia)- Gilbert is a person who gets cold very often even if everyone else around him feels warm, so a scarf would be a nice gift for him. When his s/o told him that they made it themselves he’d actually get kind of flustered about it because they actually took the time to make something for him. 

Ivan (Russia)- Ivan loves scarves so they’re usually a part of his daily outfits. They’re also really practical for the area he lives in too, so that’d make him appreciate the gift even more. He’d be really touched when his s/o gave the gift to him, because he never really gets many presents very often. He’d make sure to wear it as often as possible to show his s/o how much he loved it.  

Arthur (England)- Arthur never really wears scarves because he thinks that they look odd on him but if his s/o made him one he’d wear it almost everywhere. If anyone ever made fun of him for wearing it all the time he’d give them such a nasty glare they’d never mention it again.  

meowdoglover  asked:

May I please request how Axis, plus Romano, Russia, and Prussia, would react to a little duckling following them when they are taking a walk? Thank you!🐥

Ah, just a mod note. The axis for me includes Germany, Italy, Japan, South Italy and Prussia. So, if you want those characters just put down the Axis! ^^

Germany/Ludwig Beilschmidt:

Luddy here wouldn’t notice the duckling for the longest. Most likely, he’d be entirely focused on jogging. Once he takes a break to catch his breath, the duckling would do the same and that’s when he’d notice. He wouldn’t mind that he duckling followed him all this way, and would find it pretty cute! But, would urge the duckling to go back home.

Japan/Kiku Honda:

It’s not uncommon for animals to follow Kiku on his daily walks… He just exerts this calming aura that attracts animals big and small. This duckling is no exception! Seeing as Kiku does enjoy a cute animal every now and then, he’d be pretty happy that a duckling would follow him. He wouldn’t touch the baby duck, and would let it follow him for as long as it liked. He might even buy some bread for it!

Italy/Feliciano Vargas:

The moment he noticed the duck following him, he is ALL over it! “You’re so cute!” He’d squeal. “Where’s your madre? Let’s go find her together!” He’d take the time to walk to a pond nearby and look for the duckling’s mama. He’d go to pond after pond, and after finally finding her he’d cry as he watched the duckling leave.

Romano/Lovino Vargas:

Lovino wouldn’t notice the duck for the longest, he’d just be aimlessly walking alone. As soon as he noticed the duckling, he’d scoop it up actually pretty calmly. He would smile softly at the baby duck and ask, “are you lost, paperella? Want me to help you find your home?” Then he’d happily help the baby duckling find its home. Maybe he’d get aggravated at how long it was taking, but he wouldn’t take his anger out on the small duck.

Prussia/Gilbert Beilschmidt

Gil! Is! So! Thrilled!! It’s a cute, little, baby duck! He’d begin to play with it, and would even bring Gilbird out to play. After playing a bit, he’d help the baby duck find its home. If he has done the most that he can, and it turns out that the baby duck doesn’t have a home, he’s gonna happily take the baby duck under his wing and name it Gilduck.

Russia/Ivan Braginsky:

Ivan would have given the “poor thing” some bread and kept on walking. It’s so tiny and so helpless, he doesn’t want to destroy it because he’s so big and destructive. He’d be upset- but flattered- that the duck chose him to follow, but would put an end to it fast. What if he ends up killing the baby duck on accident? He doesn’t want that to happen, and would probably end up running away from it.

xxagracelessxxbeautyxx  asked:

How would Germany, Sweden, Russia, America, Denmark react to their short s/o wearing and pretty much drowning in their clothes?

Germany - he would be caught off guard and would wonder why you want to wear clothes that don’t fit you. After seeing how cute you looked super cozy in his clothes, he would tell how adorable you are.

Sweden - seeing you in his clothes made him blush. He would steal glances at you and pull you close to him and mumble complements about how nice his clothes look on you.

Russia - he would let out a giggle and pull you into a hug and ask you to do a little spin so he could see how cute you look drowning in his big clothing and then give you a snuggle.

America - his jaw would drop. Seeing you in his clothes turned him on. He would pull you in close and whisper provocative things in your ear and steal kisses.

Denmark - let out a hearty laugh and some small giggles every once in awhile. Seeing you in his clothes made him very giddy and happy.

- AdminGabi

Small Random Headcanon #5

They’d Be Friends (Various Character Headcanons)

This is just characters who I’d think be good friends, not like BFF’s or anything, just like-pretty okay friends.

2p England and 2p Austria
1p England and 2p Austria
1p America and 2p Germany
2p Russia and 2p Italy
1p Germany and 2p Prussia
1p Spain and 2p Romano


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Almost forgot these pics, but I went to a fun hetalia meet a few weeks ago at Disney Springs and made myself a new skirt to do a casual fem!Russia! Pretty happy with how it turned out :)

Fem!Russia: @vamcosplay