Talking About The Math Teacher

- Talking about The Math Teacher -

Rated : T

Characters : Alfred and Mattew talking about Ivan ~

Description : just a short short thing we were laughing at with my friend :“D IT’S NOT EVEN SERIOUS ! I like talking with her <3

It all started with a simple question Mattew asked to his brother…

- Well ! Isn’t it your new teacher ?
- Yep… It’s him… And he’s hot as hell

Then, Matthew slowly turned to his brother that suddenly understood the meaning of his own words. Matthew didn’t knew if he wanted to look either shocked or on the verge of tears, but any way his face showed no more than total blankness. However, the more he as thinking about it, the more it disgusted him. He opted for the last option.

- what.
- …..ehhh
- What.
- It’s not what it looks like-
- WHAT. Oh my god I don’t want to know more about it I swear to god Alfred shut up
- Aw come on you are not better with Gil !
- hOW-
- And I mean did you look at him ?? He’s hot. Totally hot. 100% best material.
- I’m not listening
- And his glasses. He’s damn sexy Matt how could you not see it
- bye Al
- you are so touchy

And that’s the story of how Mattew understood that he needed to be far far away from his brother… For his own good and mental health.


So yeah… a thing we imagined with @lunasarts xD because we were talking about @colorfulshipseverywhere and his fic Sex And College ( here => http://colorfulshipseverywhere.tumblr.com/post/150779260150/sex-and-college )

Hope it’s okay ?


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