hetabook series: #8 
     keeping up with the hetalia cast season 2 (ft. micronations)
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meowdoglover  asked:

May I ask how China, Japan, and Russia react to finding their s/o watching something on their laptop and curled up in a burrito in a blanket?

APH China/Yao:

He would just go and join them in their little burrito blanket and join them in their watching. 

APH Japan/Kiku:

He would join them beside them, getting his own laptop. The two would just watch movies together but not the same movie because they might not share the same movie interest. 

APH Russia/Ivan:

He would ask them what they were doing. He might look at the screen and maybe join them but if not then he would just maybe give them a quick kiss then go get some food. 

anonymous asked:

Allies and Canada are at the beach with their s/o and s/he goes into the water for about 5 min and comes back with a HUGE sand crab . how would they react ? 😂

America: He’d ask for a picture with it. He’d think the crab is awesome, and he’d just really want to hold it, honestly. He’d make you take a picture of him holding it, and he’d probably ask if you want a picture with it too.

England: He’d freak out and screech when you brought it near him. He’d be freaked out, to say the least, convinced that the crab was unsafe. There would be no chance of getting him in the water after that.

France: He’d be scared shitless of it. He’d strongly believe that it would try to pinch him or something, and refuse to touch it, and instead ask if he could just observe it from a distance. He’d avoid going far into the water after seeing it, no doubt.

Russia: He’d come over to examine it, or just to say hi to it. He’d be pretty satisfied with the crab, and probably find it interesting. He’d want to hold it, too, probably.

China: He’d be a little freaked out by it, but still want to look at it. He’d ask you how on earth you found it, scared that if he goes in the water he’s going to get snipped by a crab. 

Canada: He’d be a little scared of it, but want to touch it anyway, just to see what it’s like. He’d think it was kind of funny. He’d be a little wary of the water after seeing it, though.

anonymous asked:

It just happened to me so I was wondering how Russia would comfort his s/o when their cat goes missing. Thank you - lovely blog xxx

(I’m really sorry that happened you :(. It must be scary to have a pet go missing. If you haven’t found them already I really hope you do!)

Ivan would try to calm his s/o down and reassure them that he’d try to find their cat as soon as possible. As soon as he deemed his s/o was okay enough to head out, he’d go with them to help look for the animal for as long as they could. If they still hadn’t found the cat by the time it got dark, he’d make sure his s/o got home safe, then he’d go out and look for it some more. If he still hadn’t found it, he’d go back to his s/o’s to see if they were holding up alright and see if they needed anything. He’d do anything in his power to get the cat back to his s/o unharmed. 

What Hetalia does when they're sad
  • Italy:Cuddles someone and cries
  • Russia:Writes in a journal he has and then gets a separate paper to write things that make him happy
  • Canada:Sits outside in the snow with hot chocolate and cries
  • Romano:Sits in his room and calls/texts Spain to tell him his problems
  • Prussia:Zones out for a few hours until he's calmed down
  • England:Lays in his bedroom with all the windows/doors locked, in the dark and hugs his pillow
  • (But if any of your guys are ever sad, you can talk to me if you want, okay?)
The Axis & Allies As Parents

America: America is the fun dad. He’s always making dad jokes and would be really lenient on his kid(s), and would probably be pulling pranks with them all the time. The other parent(s) would basically be dealing with another child, because he practically is one.

England: Ah, England. He would be almost like a soccer mom- he would want to be involved in his child’s life, even if he’s a little embarrassing to them at times. He would be supportive of whatever his child does, as long as it’s not hurting anyone or illegal.

France: France would be a fairly laid-back parent and would be very open to them about anything and everything they wanted to talk about or had questions about. He would love his child dearly and would cross the ocean to make them smile.

Russia: Don’t upset Russia’s kid, because you’ll go missing the next day. He’s a pretty content and supportive parent, but if he finds out his child has been hurt, he’ll hunt the perpetrator down and make whatever he does to them look like an accident.

China: China would be a rather strict parent. He would want his child to focus on school and get a good education, not because ‘it’ll bring honor to the family’, but because he only wants to see his child excel in life. He would love his child unconditionally nonetheless.

Canada: He would be an extremely sweet and giving parent. He would work extremely diligently and hard to make his child happy and would be very affectionate with them, even when they’ve grown up. Canada’s child would be the center of his universe.

Germany: Germany, like China, would also be strict- strict on rules, on curfew, on basically everything. He would be a bit of a control freak with them, but he only wants his kid to be safe and for them to be happy. He would be protective as hell, too.

Italy: Another fun parent! Italy would gladly take his kid on adventures and would teach them a bunch of skills, like cooking and painting. This Italian would shower his child with affection and would do anything to make them laugh and smile.

Japan: Japan would be a kind parent, and although he wouldn’t show a bunch of affection to them, he would always be extremely proud and supportive of who they are as a person. No matter what his child does, Japan will love them.


Vasili Pukirev: An Unequal Marriage, 1862

The figure on the far right is the artist himself, looking at the elderly groom with disaproval. Some believe the painting was created after Pukirev lost a girl he loved the same way as depicted. Based on this painting he was named and honorary Professor at the Imperial Academy of the Fine Arts in 1863.