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Your passages about hetalia imaginations are amazing!! I cannot explain how much I love it!! May I request how Russia, England, Finland (if you can), and France would react if their s/o was extremely stressed for college? My sincere thanks :)

(Drowning in homework myself, I totally relate to the s/o in this ask)

Russia/Ivan Braginsky: Russia would pull his s/o away from their work the moment he realises how much stress they’re under. Even if his s/o protests that he’s just distracting them from work, he’d drag them to a couch and cuddle with them until he feels their body loosen, or preferably asleep. He’d softly sing Russian lullabies as he tries to rock them to sleep.

England/Arthur Kirkland: Tea is always the answer. Depending on the situation, England would brew tea of varying strengths, giving them the most sleep-inducing one he has if necessary. Not a stranger to long hours of work, England would understand why his s/o wanted to finish their work desperately, so he wouldn’t distract them as much as monitor them.

Finland/Tino Väinämöinen: Finland’s ‘mother’ switch would be flipped. He won’t drag his s/o away, but he would try his best to convince them to take a short break. If he succeeds, he’ll layer some clothes on both of them and take his s/o out of the house for a walk through nature, like a quiet forest, to help them relax and breathe again.

France/Francis Bonnefoy: With his smooth talking, France would be able to get his s/o to step away from their work for a little bit, during which he’d play classical music as he let his s/o vent to him to let off steam. He knows he can’t stop them from working, but he can do his very best to alleviate their stress, so that is what he’ll do.

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could you please do the axis and allies's reaction to a doctor telling them that their significant other is pregnant

America/Italy: They would both take a moment to digest the idea before a smile would light their face, and they would pick up their S/O and spin them around in happiness.

England: While he would be happy, he would be very worried that he would fail as a father, and would have to go through another “America”, and even if he would strain a smile, his S/O would have to comfort him that it’s not going to happen again, they’re going to work together.

France: He would be incredibly happy and might even tear up, he would kiss his S/O. He would find it mind-blowing that in 9 months, a little child, their child, will be born.

Russia: He as well would be extremely happy, but he would have a sense of guilt, believing that he’ll mess up as a father and that he doesn’t deserve this, that this is a dream, that even his own child won’t want him as a father. 

China: He would be super excited and would not stop squealing. He likes children, especially young, since they’re so CUTE!, but he would also be worried for his S/O, he knows how long and painful a pregnancy is.

Germany/Japan: They would be stunned into a silence, and it would take them to fully comprehend the reality. They would ask the doctor for any information they could give them. They would be more protective their S/O, and be doing diligent research the whole time.

This was very fun to imagine and to write! I hope you enjoy! Thank you very much for asking!

- Admin KumajirHoe :)

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How would the Allies react to coming home to find their s/o passed out on the floor?

APH America/Alfred/APH Russia/Ivan:

He wouldn’t know what to do so he’d just carry them up to their bedroom and lay them down. He’d make sure they were like beaten up or something and that they had just fallen asleep. 

APH China/Yao/APH England/Arthur :

He would leave therm as they were because he wasn’t too sure if he could actually carry them up to bed. He’d give them blankets and pillows and try to make them as comfortable as possible on the floor and stay with them until they woke up. 

APH France/Francis:

He would carry them to a couch or something close because he didn’t want to accidentally drop them or something. He’d make sure that they were comfortable and have a glass of water or something for when they woke up.

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Germany, Russia, FACE, and BTT reaction to their S/O having a giant Great Dane as a pet?

(Ok, but I really loved doing this ask lmao Great Danes are one of my favorite breeds, and I would love to have one when I get my own [preferably bigger] place. >3< )


Ludwig would be pleasantly surprised. He loves big dogs, so he wouldn’t be against his s/o keeping it (and even bringing it along when they visited, as long as it’s well-behaved and won’t make a huge mess).


Ivan would absolutely adore his s/o’s Great Dane! Like Ludwig, he loves big dogs so he would always play with it whenever his partner brought it around.


Francis might be a little wary about his s/o keeping such a giant animal as a pet at first. But once he did a little research and actually met it he’d get over his skepticism and would warm right up to it.


Alfred would love that his s/o had such a big dog! Great Danes are one of his favorite breeds so he’d always want his partner to bring it over when they visited. He’d play with it constantly and might even spoil it a little even though technically it isn’t actually his to spoil lmao


Matthew would definitely be shocked to see the large dog, but in a good way! He’d adore the dog after his initial shock and would gladly let his s/o bring it over when they visited his home.


Just seeing the size of the dog would be enough to terrify Arthur. He’d be more than skeptical about his s/o keeping it since he’s afraid it might hurt them. But after his partner explained some facts about the breed and how they’re dubbed the “Gentle Giant”, he’d calm down and let them bring it with them when they visited, though he was still a little hesitant about it.


Gilbert would be so hype when he met his s/o’s Great Dane. He’d immediately hug it and would probably shout something like, “You’re dog is hella amazing [Name]!”. Overall, this dork would be head over heels for the dog and would love to play with it every chance he got to.


Antonio would love the dog the minute he saw it. He knew about their gentle nature which was why he loved the breed so much. He’d give it lots of pats and would always ask his s/o to bring it with them whenever they visited.

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Imagine, Zombies invading a house the nations are staying in. A Nation gets bit by Zombie, tells the other nations of the group to move on, and the nation plans to take themselves out. Right before they planned to kill themselves, they decide to fight off all the Zombies invading the house one last time before they go. Which nation would be likely to do this?

I could see Alfred (America), Ludwig (Germany), Gilbert (Prussia), Abel (Denmark), Natalia (Belarus), and Ivan (Russia) doing this. 

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What's America, Canada, Prussia, Japan and Russia's favourite thing to cook? Thank you!

America: America is very patriotic, so expect traditional dishes, such as fried chicken and apple pie (even if cheeseburgers and twinkies are very tempting and a lot easier to buy make).

Canada: Canada, like his brother, is also very proud, so expect some classic, like poutine and pancakes (which are very easy to make!).

Prussia: He is proud of who he was, and he loves cooking/baking, so expect  BeetenbartschKönigsberger Klopse, or  Königsberger Marzipan!

Japan: Japan is used to making traditional dishes, so he would cook things like sushi, or diverse soups, like nikujaga, or oden.

Russia: First, whatever he cooks, there is going to be vodka, but he loves borsch, especially, when it’s warm and slightly spicy, like Solyanka.

I hope you enjoyed it! Thank you very much for asking!

- Admin KumajirHoe :)

Ivan has forced himself to move. It’s desperate struggle to keep himself continued, but he has to leave. He needs to leave or keep human. He cannot have both. He chooses. A pain rips through his body, but he forces it somewhere else. Bones snap. Muscles contort. Jaw breaks. Pain. So much pain. Numbness. His mind is racing. Why. Why is he feeling? He cast it out. For good this time. Is this a repeat? Which time period is this? Who is he? WHO is he? He is on all fours. He hears screams. The voices are not his own.
“Where are you going? You are safe here. Protected.” The winter winds whip at his face and coat his fur with ice. He his form continues to break as he runs. Claws turn halfway into fingers. He is now on scrambling up a hill. The snow feels stiff under his hand. Is it a hand. What is he? He is still shifting. His body is being pulled apart; it is like a hand is at each of his limbs and some large force is ripping him apart like he was just a doll.

Only a doll. 

((A Prequel to this and this  . I also wrote this during the time this took place in the rp. So…like over a year ago. Idk bro. I thought you guys would be interested in this. ))


“I’ve always loved exploring the rainforest growing up! You see, in Ecuador, it can get very, very hot, especially since you’re living on the equator.Although I do thrive in heat, the rainforest is a pretty intriguing place to visit, yanno?

@ask-infected-russia , dude, don’t be intimidated by me! It’s chill, bro!”