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Allies usually insecure s/o wear booty shorts and a tank top because of the weather (over 90°f in LA)

(Holy shit, here in Scotland we start to wear shorts and tank tops in 65-75°F weather. If it goes over 75°, everyone acts like it’s the apocalypse.)

America: He’d try to compliment them as much as possible, to make them feel more comfortable. He’d want you to feel happy with how you look, so you don’t have to suffer through the heat while overcome with insecurity.

England: He’d be a little taken aback, since you never usually wear more revealing clothing, but he’d try to casually throw you compliments that you look great, and that your clothes are cute.

France: He’d be happy that you aren’t wearing too much clothing and passing out from the heat, that’s for sure. He’d try his best to make you feel a little better about having to shed the layers with flattery and assurances.

Russia: He’d smile and assure you that you look amazing whenever he thought you looked uncomfortable, or unhappy about having to wear those clothes. He’d try his best to keep a smile on your face.

China: He, like England, would be a little surprised, because you never dress like that, but he’d tell you that he’s looking at you like that because you look so adorable. He’d just want you to be happy with how you look.

anonymous asked:

how would react the allies to their first kiss with their s/o?

America: Alfred brought you to your front porch late at night. It was like a scene that came out of a movie. The stars were bright in the black overhead sky. He took rubbed the back of his head shyly and smiled stupidly. “I, uh, hope you enjoyed the date.” He said bashful like. This was odd. He wasn’t acting flustered earlier. Then you realized what he was trying to do. He wanted a kiss. You took one of his hands sweetly in yours and in perfect timing, you both stepped closer to each other and pressed lips.

France: It was your second date. He took you out to a garden near his house and walked with you through the beds of French and international flowers and cleanly cut shrubbery. You were amazed at the beautiful scenery around you. It was like a fairytale. Then, as if on cue, Francis stopped and took your hand gracefully in his and walked you to the white gazebo down the trail. The next thing you realized, he was kissing you on the lips. Your own little (frog) prince. (I’m only a little sorry for that joke)

Russia: Ivan invited you over at his house for the first time. The two of you spent the day going out in the snow, looking through his library together, helping his indoor plants grow, and we’re now sitting by the fire with freshly made stew. You knew you were going to leave soon. And you would kick yourself if you didn’t take the time to kiss him now. So, after the two of you finished eating, you cuddled up with him in a cozy wool blanket and was about to touch his lips. To your surprise, he kissed you first.

England: You and Arthur were walking back to his flat from the movie theater and it started to rain heavily. He knew this would happen so he opened his black umbrella and huddled close to you while the two of you walked hurriedly back home. However, the umbrella didn’t stop the cars splashing water on you from the sidewalk. By the time the two of you got inside the flat, you were both drenched. Arthur was a little grumpy about the wetness, but he had to stifle a laugh at the situation. It wasn’t exactly the best first date ever. And in that small awkward moment, the two of you embraced in a gentle kiss.

China: Yao took you to the best restaurants and enjoyed a visit at the museum with you. It was very interesting to here so much history from a nation that has seen so much. But the time when quicker than you wished and you had to be sent back home for the night. Before you went, however, he wanted to offer something else if you didn’t think it would be too bold. He asked to kiss you.

Canada: Matthew Williams met you at a ski lodge in his country. The both of you bumped into you outside the large wood building while you were trying to balance on your skis. He helped you back up and offered to help show you and your friends on some tips and tricks. As the day progressed, he became more shy around you in particular. Almost as if he forgot to function when he saw you. Then when the night came, he said his goodbyes. Sad to see you go. And in a quick second, he leaned forward and gave you a small kiss on the lips.


metrocon: day 2 - part 1 (ft. day 3)
the only reason i was in florida was to see parleproductions, heroes of my childhood bc i can probably recite demyx time by memory - and after a vigorous cupid shuffle dance party i scored a selfie with jack! i will never ever stop screaming (hence the completely vacant expression; im trying to contain myself there)
(hmu if any of these great cosplays are you! special thanks to dib for keeping 2002 alive)


Japan expo 2016 !

And we meet our inspiration <3 totally by chance ! Vandetta cosplay ! *^* Well in fact only Cim and Eva… But it was still awesome ! :D they were so kind ~ and happy ! They bring so much joy with them ! >W< it was a real pleasure ~ even if we were a little shy Camy and me ~ ( @animalemotionstudios And @fearynnacosplayymc)

Thank you a lot… @alternatefiction and Cim for the awesome pics <3 and your kind words ~ and the hugs ! ( I really like hugs… America love hugs… And Russia too ~ ) Please stay awesome ! >W

give-it-all-or-nothing  asked:

I also wanted to ask the same question for 2ps. So how would the 2ps react if their best friend secretly cut off all their hair and got it super short.

2p!America: Woah, slow down, why didn’t you tell me you were cutting your hair? Did you do it yourself? Or did you have someone do it for you? What if they messed up? Obviously they didn’t… but what if they did! Tell me next time, okay?

2p!England: Poppet! You cut your hair! It so… different, in a good way though! I like it!

2p!France: Two thumbs up from me, but one thumbs down because you didn’t tell me about it

2p!Russia: I like it shorter a lot better. It looks more natural

2p!China: You look different… did you cut your hair? Yeah, you definitely cut your hair. It looks nice

2p!Germany: Heyyy, you kinda have my hair. A bit, not really but a bit.

2p!Italy: It was so long, now it’s so short… Keep it this way

2p!Japan: Now you have to be closer to me so I can pet your hair, but I’m fine with that

-2p!Axis and Allies

give-it-all-or-nothing  asked:

Hey dude, just want to say your account is awesome and I love it. Anyway, I have super short hair, its shaved in the back. So, I was wondering how the Hetalia characters would react if their friend secretly cut all their hair super short, like mine

America: *Gasp* Duuude! It- it looks so…. COOL! Why didn’t you tell me you were cutting your hair?!

England: Hmmm *inspects from all different angles* I love it

France: YASS! That’s my best friend everyone! Work it! YAS!!

Russia: *Pets hair* ohh it’s a lot softer, I like it!

China: I hope you didn’t pay someone to do this, I would have done it for free

Germany: I like it, now you don’t have to tie your hair up all the time so 

italy: Pretty hair, pretty pretty pretty hair~

Japan: Here are some products from my country to make sure your hair stays shiny and healthy

-Axis and Allies (You are a gem, THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU MADE MY DAY!)


Vasili Pukirev: An Unequal Marriage, 1862

The figure on the far right is the artist himself, looking at the elderly groom with disaproval. Some believe the painting was created after Pukirev lost a girl he loved the same way as depicted. Based on this painting he was named and honorary Professor at the Imperial Academy of the Fine Arts in 1863.