I tried drawing some APH N.Italy today! 

It’s been a while since I’ve recorded a speedpainting vid!

I hope you like it ^.^ (Sick Italy and Romano)


N.Italy/Feliciano: This guy would be a total sweetheart! He would do anything you asked with no complaints and would do anything else he thought might help you get better faster or feel more relaxed. He’d definitely watch some of your favorite movies with you and tell you stories, or anything else to entertain you. He would be great at taking care of you, except for trying to feed you pasta a couple of times, but that’s to be expected. The only complaint he would have is that he couldn’t cuddle or hug you when you looked so cute. Especially when you sneezed, since he thought your sneezes were the cutest thing he had ever heard. 

S.Italy/Lovino: He would do things for you and make sure you stayed in bed, but not without some complaints. Tomato soup would definitely be involved. While taking care of you, he might say some thing like: How could you be so stupid and get sick? But he doesn’t really mean it and is concerned about you. If your symptoms didn’t get better quickly, he might get over dramatic and think you were dying. Searching up and seeing all the severe illnesses that you could have, he would totally flip out and insist to take you to the doctor, despite your protests that you were fine. After being reassured that it was nothing more than a cold, he would scold you for making him worry like that. “I told you it was nothing to worry about, I don’t know why you made me bring you to the doctor”. 

(Oh crap, sorry I forgot to post the message, but this was a request from an anon.)

anonymous asked:

Could you do some Russia x Fem!Italy kisses? :)

Keep your Italian lady warm on winter at all costs,

Gradualy lead your Russian lover to your passionate desires as they are not used to extreme heats.

-“A guide to foreign lovers” by Humble Rumble Sr. 2014

Sorry, I didn’t know which Italies did you want so I drew both.

Hetalia and missing their S/o:

America: Is literally a wreck if they left for more then three to four days, text every minute, calls whenever they have the time to talk even if it’s a short while. He would mopes around all day. But once you had returned you would be trampled in hug bear hugs, lots of sweet kisses, cuddles, everything.

China: He would become extremely irritable, laying around more than usual. He would call or text quite often (though not as much as America would). Once you came home he would immediately cheer up and would treat you to a huge home cooked meal.

Romano: He would never admit he missed you at all even if he did terribly. He would be rather scilent as you were gone and everyone could immediately tell he felt lonely, even his S/o themselves as they spoke, as he was much more loving then usual He would be rather happy to see you when you returned, even wearing a huge grin on his face as he met with you at the airport.

Germany: He would try deprately to distract himself from the taught if you by doing various work task, but eventually he be caught up to with his taughts. He would call you everyday, moring and night, to make sure you were doing okay, that you were getting all of the sleep, food, and staying at least a little active during the trip, not wanting something to happen to you. When you came back he would be holding your favorite flowers, and give lots of hugs and kisses dispite how ark ward he may have felt.

Veniziano//N. Italy: like America he would be a wreck, crying and whinging more than usual, eating more pasta, and spending lots of time with Germany who was annoyed by the Italian who would start to cry hysterically anytime something remind him of you. When you returned count on a very, very long hug as he begged you to never leave again as well as a dinner outing.

Hetalia and Singing:

Can’t sing, sounds like a dying whale: GERMANY, Canada, China, Prussia, Ukraine, Iceland, Poland, England, Switzerland

Can actually sing but doesn’t: Japan, SWEDEN, Russia, BELARUS, Romano, Luthania, Norway, Latvia

Can sing and sings 24/7: N. ITALY, Hungary, Austria, Denmark, America, Spain, France, Liechtenstein, Denmark