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Hello! May I ask as to which Hogwarts houses you'd place the micronations in? (P.s. Ravenclaw rules!!!)

Of course! And thank you , I know Ravenclaw rules <3~ Admin Sarah, whom is a Ravenclaw.
I also tried my best to match them up to the best fitting house, but there is very little canon information on them!

Sealand: A Hufflepuff
Peter values hard work and patience, as well as loyalty. So does the average Hufflepuff. 

Wy: A Gryffindor
In charge, daring and has a lot of nerve, as well as a loud voice. Wy fits in just well with the other Gryffindor’s. 

Kugelmugel: A Slytherin
He is both resourceful and ambitious, not to mention a little bit cunning. He is also often seen brooding about one thing or another. 

Seborga: A Slytherin
He breaks the stereotype that Slytherin’s are always evil, but he is very cunning and ambitious like one.

Hutt River: A Ravenclaw
He is always acts very mature as well is organized, as well as intelligent, so do most Ravenclaws. Not to mention he’s a bit snooty like a Ravenclaw as well. 

Ladonia: A Slytherin
He is part the stereotype that Slytherin’s are “evil”, as he can be very cunning and sly, and is typically yelling at someone or threatening them, thinking he is superior. 

Molossia: A Gryffindor
He isn’t a big fan of being a Gryffindor, and often tries to act like the “bad guy” to break the stereotypes the put him under..but when it comes down to it, he is brave and has a lot of nerve like a Gryffindor.