aph: mama egypt

I was doing thesis homework but after the third time erasing the same darn pose I just said to heck with it and decided to draw some Ancients. And then proceeded to redraw Rome thrice as well, haha art just isn’t easy for me tonight, I guess.

Used colourlovers palettes for these guys: Hellas, Kemet, Roma, Germania

Please full-view, it gets much bigger! Ahh, it was nice to draw these guys again…


My friend Sophy asked if I could put together some references for how I draw Mama Greece and Mama Egypt, and I was happy to comply! It was great to do thinking about how I see them and how they are placed in history.

I didn’t color in their skin, hair, or clothing so as to keep the lineart from getting muddled. My handwriting is awful, too, hopefully you should be able to rightclick-view image to see them in full. If not I will pull this post and add photobucket links or something.

Also of note: I kind of overdid the jewelery on Kemet’s second page, if you do cuffs just give her two matching ones, not so many different bracelets at once! Sometimes Egyptian dresses were sheer and sometimes they weren’t. The styles I drew are all rather flowy and drapey, tighter dresses and patterned clothes appear to be a more old-fashioned thing. Some things in ancient Egyptian culture remained more or less the same throughout its run and some things really really did not, so be careful!

I honestly do not know what color Hellas’ sunhat is. Her himation in her second page is really too small and useless to count as one and I regret drawing it that way, don’t be like me, kids!

As ever I am not an expert!

Just a sketch, had some free time before class. Mamas Greece and Egypt sporting a couple of dresses from omgthatdress.tumblr. They look so good in 20’s dresses eeee~

And you know they gotta be Sophie Tucker fans. They are the last of the red-hot Mamas, after all.

“Kemet Kemet KemetKemetKemet this is it it’s us this song IT’S US”
“You said that about the last song, Hellas.”
“But it’s TRUE, we ain’t takin orders from NO ONE”
“Hellas, how many champagnes have you had?”