aph: lovino

Incorrect Lovino Vargas Quotes

“Here we fucking go.”

“Why is there always a crisis with you?”

“I miss the simple days…Oh, wait, they never happened.”

“Can we not?”

“My sexuality is ‘no’“

“Please stop talking.”

“I wasn’t paying attention, I was thinking about something else.”

“Let’s play the quiet game!”

“Well, this was a riveting experience. Can we go home now?”

“I think it’s time for us to go our separate ways…And never meet again…Because I hate you.”

“24 hours! Just 24 hours with out any physical contact! That’s all I ask for!”

“To remind you, silence is golden, and duck tape is silver!”

“My personality is being bored 100% of the time.”

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But, this is a first-wold country in the 21st century, so if it is broke, bitch about it.”

“I don’t have anger issues! I’m allergic to idiots!”

“No offence, but…Actually full offence…Fuck you!”

“Aw, would you like some whine with that cheese? I mean cheese with that- DAMNIT!”

“As they say, life is like a box of chocolates…EXCEPT THEY’RE ALL FUCKING COCONUT!”

“If you ever feel like you’re going to lose you temper, just step back, take a deep breath, and remind yourself that you’re in control of the situation…THEN PUNCH THE BASTARD IN THE FACE!”

“They say dance like no one is watching, but I don’t dance even if I’m alone, so…What the fuck am I supposed to do now?”

“If I hear one more pun today, I’m going to hit someone.”

“Karma is the best comedian!”

“Don’t speak, it makes you sound stupid.”

“Sorry, I was too busy not caring, what did you say? Actually nevermind, I don’t want to hear it.”

“Stop complaining, and listen to me complain!”


Konichiwa Darkness-san my old tomodachi-desu UwU
Also I changed Kurt and Ram to Gilbert and Lovino bc it fit more. Holy Rome and Germania can be the dads