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Wishlist for adaptations

On happier(?) note, this is my wishlist for Tolkien adaptations.

1. Children of Hurin on BBC, Hollow Crown style. 

2. Stage production of Beren and Luthien or BBC (I have weakness for stage productions).

3. Fall of Numenor animation short, Nausicaa opening style.

4. Akallabeth TV series, 13 episodes, with care and no stupidity okay, with focus on Tar Miriel (I like her)

5. Hobbit bento lunch 

6. Dwarf bento lunch 

7. Ugly piece of contemporary art inspired by Melkor’s life

*No offense, guys, but GoT style Tolkien adaptation is supersupersupersuper not my thing. If you like it, that’s fine, your taste is your taste, my taste is mine, but don’t let me know through this post. SERIOUSLY, don’t tell ME how nice it would be guys, not cool.