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Note: This theory makes the assumption that Germany was reincarnated from Holy Rome.

Those who have read the strips will know that a recurring theme is Germany’s love for Italian culture and history; he thinks of the nation as a sort of paradise.

What strikes a chord with me is this specific panel. Here, Germany has a revelation while vacationing in Italy. Basically, because Italy is such a paradise, he understands why Goethe wrote so many poems about the nation.

All right. I’ll point out the obvious first before delving down into the deeper meanings of all this. Both Holy Rome and Germany have a profound love for the Italian nation, which most people see as a link between the two.

What I’ll be proposing is that this reference to Goethe hints at something extremely significant about Germany’s personality and characterization. It strongly alludes to his possible reincarnation from Holy Rome as well.

Goethe is most known for his play “Faust”, whereby the demon Mephistopheles makes a wager with God. Mephistopheles claims that he will be able to succeed in “luring” God’s favourite human, Faust, away from his pursuit of knowledge of all kinds.

What’s important here is that Faust outgrows scientific, religious, and humanitarian-philosophical teachings, choosing instead to learn magic as it will provide him with “infinite knowledge.”

Sound familiar? It should, because we know that Germany is obsessed with science and data.

He’s also quick to deny the existence of the supernatural because it’s unscientific.

However, there are strips that paint a different picture, one that shows that just like Faust moved from the scientific to that which is otherworldly, Germany is too. There are brief moments where he drops the scientific method and reveals that he may in fact be aware of the supernatural.

It’s possible in canon for deceased nations and humans to fly down from heaven and visit Earth. A human example would be Quintillus, an old Roman Emperor.

Previous to this strip, Germany was collecting ancient records of Rome, and Quintillus visits to give a more favourable account of his older brother, Gothicus, who isn’t depicted favorably in textbooks. Initially, Germany dismisses Quintillus as playing pretend and escorts him home.

What happens next is surprising. Germany privately refers to Quintillus as a “Roman boy”, which to me, seems as if he recognizes that it truly was a Roman Emperor who had just visited him.

Pay attention to the shifting of Germany’s mentality; it doesn’t seem like science is upheld within him as strongly as it used to be.

Perhaps the most important instance of this is when Ancient Rome visits Germany. At first, Germany believes this visit to be a strange dream, but soon falls into the swing of things and starts asking questions.

This question in particular is critical.

Again, notice how uncomfortable Germany looks when he asks this. Disappearing, huh? Could this possibly be a reference to Holy Rome and his newest incarnate, ahem, himself? Just think about it: reincarnation is a supernatural and seemingly magical occurrence…

It’s one thing if Germany merely asked about why and how a nation dies, but the discomfort on his face is likely an indicator of a painful memory.

This isn’t that far of a stretch either. Remember that in Buon San Valentino, after embarrassing himself by clumsily proposing to Italy, Germany panics and blacks out.

It’s precisely when people are distressed that repressed memories resurface according to Freudian psychology, and that’s exactly what seems to be the case here. The strip ends with fuzzy memories of Chibitalia.

It appears that Germany’s belief in science is waning. Either that, or he’s resorted to using science as an explanation to deny the reality of his reincarnation.

And with that, comes the repression of memories.


um guys I sorta found this official comic of Germany dreaming about being HRE and I’m a lil shook rn we need to talk.

after mehmed ii conquered byzantine, he declared himself the roman emperor and protector of the orthodox church (even as to his east, moscow would style itself the third rome) – “in old times, the roman empire was pagan, catholic, and orthodox. now it is muslim.

Not too Holy, not too Roman, status of “Empire” highly questionable…

Can’t stop thinking about my History of Western Civ class from last quarter, which must be a pretty good thing, so decided to draw lil HRE in Medieval Carolingian garb, since I think he looks pretty snazzy in his glorified sheets. Sort of inspired by @cidershark‘s HRE doodles, except…still pretty loose and heavy on the symbolism, not necessarily accuracy hah.

Note: This post is making the assumption that Germany was reincarnated from Holy Rome. The rest is all canon material.

All right! In canon, we know that reincarnation is possible. The most obvious example would be Jeanne d’Arc and her American reincarnation, Lisa.

What people often forget is that Hima explicitly states that it’s possible for the nations to be reincarnated too.

In these panels, Hima makes it clear for us what a nation’s existence and lifespan is like. They can last for really short or really long periods of time and can be brought back by a sudden memory. More importantly, is that nations can change their titles and ultimately, their personalities.

Following this logic, this would explain why Holy Rome and Germany share some personality differences.

Where Germany is more clear-headed, rational, and organized, Holy Rome is emotional and sensitive, irrational, impulsive, and disorganized. I think Hima does this on purpose as a pun to contrast how at first, Holy Rome was a disorganized collection of nation-states and then became more organized after unification and the subsequent formation of Germany. 

Just to highlight this, I’ll go over some quick examples. We see some of Holy Rome’s impulsiveness not only with his obsession and compulsion in getting Chibitalia to live in his house, but also in his interactions with other countries.

What immediately comes to mind for me is how Holy Rome built an Italian home in England, without even considering how the architecture wasn’t designed to endure the harsher English climate.

It would be unprecedented for Germany to pull off something like that, as he’s always rationalizing and thinking things through enough times to drive anyone crazy.

You see the organization pun come to life with Germany’s love for schedules, manuals, and the scientific method. Overall, he’s a much deeper and rational thinker than Holy Rome.

Further, with unity, comes a stronger sense of national duty.

On the other hand, due to the fragmentation in his empire, Holy Rome doesn’t seem to care what happens to it and is more focused on chasing after Italy. He’s even scolded for neglecting his duties by Switzerland. Tell me, have you ever seen Germany slack off?

That said, there are more similarities between them than differences, and Hima sure loves to stress this all throughout the series. They both share a love for the Italian culture and climate, are flustered easily, love sweets, own dogs, have Prussia as on older brother, and…

there’s also the obvious fact that they look exactly alike.

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since it's father's day, can i request how prussia and 2p!prussia would react to finding out they'll be dads??

Prussia: Gilbert would be over the moon with joy. Whether it’s a situation in which he and his s/o will be having a child together, or if his s/o is already a parent, he would be beyond excited at the news. If it were his own child however, he would probably tear up, much as he may try to deny it later. Between raising Ludwig and Friedrich, he never honestly thought of wanting to be a father, until you had delivered the news to him. He would be floored for a few moments, but would settle almost immediately into the role, and would be only slightly nervous as you tackle this new adventure together.

2P! Prussia: Gilen would be a big old bag of disbelief. He would need you to repeat yourself a few times for it to truly click for him. He honestly probably stumbled a bit as the weight crashed in on him, too many emotions rolling over him in a jumbled mess. He’d be happy, excited, terrified, shocked, anxious- His mind is rolling over constant panic- whether he would be capable of being a good father, if the child would look up to him- and excitement, because he would be sharing another part of the narrative with you that he really wasn’t capable of before. While Gilbert is already picking out stuffed animals, Gilen would be prepping himself emotionally for the impending duties ahead.

(I’m sure there would be more to it, but I am a bit sleepy right now. Will edit later, friends! ^_^;)


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