aph: hkice

This is a Hong (FemIce) piece in the 50’s when discrimination was around it’s worst (and the Vietnam war was beginning)  

Because Hongkong is half asian (and looks that way) I tried to show how he wanted to change himself and how no matter how much he hurt or was being hurt (by others), he still always thought she was beautiful and perfect.  

Hope you like this! 

HongIce Scenario #5

Okay right imagine - it’s Iceland’s birthday or something and as usual he doesn’t want it to be a big deal so he’s pretty relieved when he meets up with Hong Kong and he’s not holding like a bunch of presents or anything - but then he sees the huge sound system arranged behind Leon, and oh my god why are there backup singers what the actual-

And then the music starts up and Emil’s about to ask what the hell is going on when Leon just stares him right on the eye and starts singing ‘Just The Way You Are’ and Emil just stops and he’s really confused but the whole time Leon’s looking at him really intensely and by the end of it Ice is literally crying and he kinda walks up to Leon and buries his face in his chest and he’s hiccuping in between the tears and Leon laughs and kisses him and then he gets down on one knee and Emil starts crying harder and when Leon asks Emil to marry him he just about manages to push out a little 'Okay’ and his voice cracks half way and then they’re both laughing again and Emil’s still crying and they’re holding on to each other and Leon’s kissing the tears away and they’re just both so, so happy.

【APH】ハヤザクラ RAW

Julekalender Day 2

ハヤザクラ by: roco

Summary: Hong reveals to Ice that’s he moving back to Hong Kong. Iceland doesn’t take the news lightly, but doesn’t really show it. He thinks that Hong doesn’t find it a big deal when in actuality Hong thinks that Ice doesn’t seem too phased by the news.

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So, here’s some HongIce, ‘cuz I saw this photo some days ago and they were the first think I thought about. I imagine that they would be going out on a date and their crazy relatives would decide to follow them to make sure they where “out of danger”. China would try to spy them in secret and fail miserably, though he wouldn’t be aware of it,  while Nor wouldn’t give a fuck and observe them openly. This, of course, would annoy Hong Kong and Iceland to no end, so they would end up being especially touchy-feeling and lovey-dovey , much more than usually, just to piss their families off.  

HongIce AU #4 I think now idek

Some pure, wholesome, domestic HongIce headcanons/scenarios:
• Leon and Emil lazing around in a hammock together, Emil’s kinda lying on Leon reading a book and Leon is playing around with Emil’s hair and everything is quiet except for the occasional bird or Emil pointing something out in the book. It’s warm and the suns sorta streams through the leaves of the tree they’re under and they just spend the whole afternoon there and it’s just such a simple thing and it’s so great
•Leon and Emil having to do chores but it just ending with them acting like kids - whilst washing up they accidentally start splash war and both end up soaked and it all goes well till Leon starts complaining about having wet socks so Emil throws a towel at him
•Them both having a lazy Saturday morning, huddling together in bed all day not doing anything sexual just reading to each other, snacking on biscuits and drinking warm drinks
•After a hard day of work they both come home and they’re both exhausted but then Leon turns on some music and gives Emil a look with a lil twinkle in his eye and Emil just sighs and gets up and Leon laughs and grabs his hand and they dance together, coordinated and with some sort of pattern to it at first till Leon picks Emil up and spins him around and they’re both laughing and giggling and fall down and they’re still laughing because they just don’t care at all