aph: history

1945. Truman was about to tell Stalin about a “special weapon” America will be having soon. The atomic bomb. But Soviets did a good job in spying on the project, so this wasn’t a big deal for them.

This significant conference in Potsdam was ment to be very special. For Alfred at least. The Three Heads were about to meet, so he was elected to tell the great news to his new rival. After cheering up the troops of the US Army, he stand there besides Ivan.
- You all did great, guys! All of you, every single soldier is a Hero of the American people and the people of the world.
- Mh, you are noisy as usual, товарищ. Saying such nice things to your men. What about mine? - Ivan seemed to be calm, but after the war no one could say, how he really felt.
- You should take care of them by yourself. Your men are not of my concern, Commie, - such a self confident appearance. Jones seems to be really proud of himself. But a Russian soldier reached out to him.
- Неужели для нас слова доброго не осталось, а, американец? (Haven’t you any good words left for us, American?)
- Ivan, you should have said, that I cannot understand your language. By the way, I’ve got a little surprise for you, - he came closer and spoke a bit more quite, - There is something I want to show you soon. It’s huge, you can never imagine, what destruction it brings. The ultimate weapon, do you have any idea, how gorgeous this will be? I will soon have a new powerful piece of warfare.
- I know~…
- Oh, I knew, that you… Wait, what?! How do you know about it, no one does!
- You should keep such secrets more carefully, Hero.
- Goddammit, Ivan. But this cannot change the fact I will just kick your communist ass as soon as possible…
- Время покажет. (Time will tell.)

Seeing your favorite character like

A late 19th century illustration of a family decorating their Christmas tree. The Christmas tree was a German tradition which became instantly popular in Britain after Queen Victoria, Prince Albert and the royal children were drawn standing around one in 1848. Specially made Christmas tree decorations did not make much of a commercial impact until the 20th century, so well-off families (the only ones who could afford a real tree) would decorate the tree with small presents and treats for their children. The children would be allowed to take a few of these items off the tree on Christmas Eve. Charles Dickens described such a tree in 1850 in his magazine ‘Household Words’:

“There were rosy-cheeked dolls…real watches…sugar plums, there were fiddles and drums, there were tambourines, books, work boxes, paint boxes, sweetmeat boxes, peep-show boxes…baskets and pincushions…real fruit made artificially dazzling with gold leaf; imitation apples, pears, and walnuts, crammed with surprises…”

Does anyone else have that one subject in school where if you get even one question wrong on a test in that class you feel like a useless, worthless piece of reject poo BECAUSE YOU SHOULD’VE KNOWN, DAMMIT, YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE LORD AND RULER OF THAT SUBJECT?

or naw is that just me