aph: hetaoni


@hiyokol: Please, don’t forget de coloring tutorial ;w;

Anonymous said: COOKIE SENPAAAAIII!!! May you teach us how does one do epic art or backgrounds like you?!


(adm: Aahhhhhhh took me forever, but here it is!! I hope this is helpful enough?? I’ve never done this before lmaoooo! Tutorial of this pic right here! Open the tutorial pic on a new tab for bigger resolution!)

Random aph fanworks starters
  •  "You got me a dog toy?“
  • "SoMeTHinG WrOnG CApTAiN?”
  • “You’re crazy and I’m leaving this family!”
  • “A fucking tomato?”
  • “I don’t want the tomato!”
  • “Take the fucking tomato”
  • “Some things are worth the risk”
  • “Some things just aren’t worth the risk”
  • “To the me who lives at some point in time and who isn’t alone….”
  • “If you pass out, I’ll carry you on my shoulders and run.”
  • “I’m all alone yet again…”
  • “I’m your last trophy, after all”
  • “I guess I must be the most useless of all." 
  • "I’m sorry, I can… no longer see…”
  • “I was a hero, wasn’t I? I protected you, didn’t I? I could be a hero… couldn’t I?”
  •  "I’ll stay by your side. A hero can never forsake anyone.“
  • "But I can’t not worry. I have to go after them.”
  • “maybe you should learn to smile a bit more naturally…”
HetaOni in a Nutshell:
  • Italy: Let's go check out a haunted mansion! It'll be fun!
  • -Everyone dies-
  • Italy: Let's try this again.
  • -By the fifth time loop-
  • Italy: Okay, y'all niggas need to get your shit together and do a better job on not dying.