aph: germanics

  • Germany: So I did the math, it would take 400 people to create a steel longsword.
  • Prussia: What?
  • Germany: You know how fantasy books talk about swords "forged from the blood of enemies"? Well I calculated it, and you would have to drain the blood of 400 adult men and extract the iron from their blood to have enough to make a steel longsword. Forged from the blood of your enemies.
  • Prussia: That's awesome.
  • Germany: I know, right?

Roderich: Your brother is rather intimidating isn’t he? What does he do? Professional fighting? 

Ludwig: He is a flutist.

Roderich:… excuse me?

Ludwig: He plays the flute. Professionally. He is very gifted. 

Roderich: Hmm.   

  • Prussia: Going to plan B?
  • Germany: Technically, that would be plan G.
  • Prussia: How many plans do we have? Is there, like, a plan M?
  • Germany: Yeah. Gilbert dies in plan M.
  • Romano: I like plan M.

*England and France steal little Germany.*

France: Look kid, we need to know about your brother. 

England: Does Prussia have any weaknesses?

Germany: If you stab him in the chest it’ll… hurt him. 


England:… well, yes, I suppose he’s right.\

France: We tried that. 

Germany: When he gets shot, it also–

France: Just take him home.  

-Germanics Type 1-

Prussia: and then West said this hilarious thing! It’s so worth listening to!

Liechtenstein: heehee~ I would love to know~

Switzerland: it better not be innapropriate!

Austria: oh will you stop being fussy!

England: let the lad talk! It… it seems like it’s going to be interesting

Kugelmugel: does it involve art???

-Germanics Type 2-




*awkwardness intensifies*