aph: belguim



I just Love this show :3

for those who don’t know it he is the short story:

King Joseph is holding a contest to find. A husband for his brutal daughter  Prieeltje. Kulderzipken wins if by chance the match. And there is King Joseph not happy: he sought no farm boy as son and wants Kulderzipken therefore as soon as possible from his castle. He thereby gets help from Moe Devil, who prefers her son and husband of the princess looks, but his embarrassing goodness are not getting whacked. In each episode Kulderzipken a new mission to accomplish (this often helped by the Grimms, the two brothers-palace lackeys, who besides inventor also cook, porter, security guard, secretary and the rest of the household are) or is there someone who the rest is disturbing, often with magical powers. In the second year King Joseph lessons give the kingdom to diligent Kulderzipken and rebellious Prieel.