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jesus i had no idea you were also into hetalia - now if that doesnt bring back the 2011 nostalgia... so. feel free to ignore this if you dont feel up to it but if you do, you should totally draw merlin meeting the "wrong" arthur some time if ya know what i mean ;) okay anyway love your art, stay awesome !! <3

aaaah it was a long time ago :’) uh well I have many drawings about hetalia on my Da profile (you have to dig deeper x’’)



♫ “How do we rewrite the stars?
Say you were made to be mine?
Nothing can keep us apart
Cause you are the one I was meant to find
It’s up to you, and it’s up to me
No one can say what we get to be
And why don’t we rewrite the stars?
Changing the world to be ours” ♫

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How would the allies react to their niece mimicking them?

America: “I’m the hero!”
Alfred would look and put his hands on his hips dramatically before laughing. They wanted to copy him? Well, two could play at that game! He would throw random phrases out every so often to see how they kept up, but soon would just have them start to repeat very encouraging and confident phrases, just to boost their ego. Also, because Alfred found it to be the cutest thing ever.

England: “Now, now, must you copy me?”
Arthur would just look at his niece and sigh quietly. They really wanted to copy him? He would shake his head and continue on with his day, but if they were insistent, he would try to talk to them in simpler words and slow down so they could copy him. He would really try to watch his language around them, just so they didn’t copy a bad word or two. Though overall, he would think it was cute…but would prefer if they went back to playing with their toys. 

France: “Francis is the most handsome man in the world!”
Francis would taken advantage of it, to be honest. He had a cute child mimicking him! What better to do than say something he’d love to hear them say? Though, he really would think it’s adorable, and likely get some of it on video to show them when they’re older.

Canada: “You’re so cute..”
Matthew would think his niece mimicking him is absolutely adorable..though, he really wouldn’t know what to do..if he asks them to stop, they will likely just repeat what he says, or get upset…so he’d just roll with it, and try to do things that are friendly and easy for a child to copy.

Russia: “How are you doing that?!”
Ivan would try and play around with his niece..he’d be “convinced” that they were using magic, as that is the only way they could copy him so perfectly! Though…after a little while, Ivan would turn on them before tickling them all over. What? It’s hard to resist!

China: “Yao is the best cook ever!”
Yao would find it absolutely precious! He would squeal in delight and soon say all kinds of cute things just to hear them repeated. If his niece really wanted to copy him, he would offer to teach them how to cook just like him too! And maybe they could have matching outfits! Anything to keep the cuteness going!

Aph England -hears screaming from the front door as he rush out from the kitchen- “what happen?!”

Aph Wales - “a girl scout came to the door and it’s little windy out and Scotland answer the door only in his kilt…”

Aph England - “oh my! that’s horrible”

Aph Scotland -went to them- “no what’s horrible is that I didn’t get any cookies!”

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What would Sealand's Instagram look like?

Sealand Instagram:

Username: Peter_The_Bestest
(Peter would think this was the greatest name of all time…as long as no one tells him that ‘bestest’ isn’t a word.)

(He is known for forcing other people into them so he looks cooler…)

Beach Pictures:
(Photo by Serena at Jrrny.com)

Pictures of his Gameboy:

Profile Picture: A picture Tino took and thought was cute