aph: antonio fernandez carriedo


Oh my god there’s a lot of these…

Also, I changed Switzerland’s name after it was brought to my attention. Feel free to correct me, especially with names that aren’t using the Roman alphabet. I’m CPing these names from Wiki ^^;

Prucan trying to flirt in German
  • Gilbert: du hast schöne Augen ;)
  • Matthew: what did he say?
  • Ludwig (to Feli): you have beautiful eyes
  • Feli (to Romano): you have gorgeous eyes!
  • Romano (to Antonio): your eyes are cool, I guess.
  • Antonio (to Francis): Your eyes are there.
  • Francis (to Arthur): you have eyes, right?
  • Arthur (to Alfred): you have two eyes, Matthew.
  • Alfred (to Matthew): you have eyes.
  • Matthew (to Gilbert): aw, thank you for noticing!
  • Gilbert: *screaming*