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idk why but I just,,, remembered a story thing I had in mind about these two from back when I was in the Hetalia fandom and had the urge of drawing it???

England goes undercover to Rome to gather some intel (and eat decent food) and accidentally meets up with Italy, shenanigans ensue and after all this time I still ship them ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Fairytale | EngIta Magic Book AU

A/N: EngIta AU I’ve had rattling around in my head for what feels like years but only just now got out into words. It was inspired by this old text post, and originally was an EngIta AU me and my friend discussed, but she decided to use the concept for Osomatsu-san fic and I kept it for Hetalia fic. It’s been a while since I posted anything EngIta, so I hope this is alright!

Feliciano was unloading the books he’d brought from the new little shop a few blocks down the street- some recipe books, some poetry, some art, and absolutely none with actual plot-based content.

Which is why he was very surprised to find an old, hardcover book amid his shiny new paperbacks, and he blinked. He found a post-it note on the front cover that said, “Freebie for your first purchase here.” He hadn’t realized until just now why the friendly old man at the shop had winked at him- ah! It must have been because he slipped him a free book!

The brown spine was old and cracked, but on it was written in old bronze lettering: The Book of Fictives, Vol. 314.

Feliciano blinked.

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anonymous asked:

I hear you love EngIta, so that and “Oh my god, what is this place? How can you still be alive? I’ll get you help! Please hold on.”?

Please read here if you’re on mobile and the readmore won’t show up: https://archiveofourown.org/works/10952448

Yessssss I love EngIta, this is coming right up! Thank you for requesting :D

Decided to go for Merman!Arthur here. This is a sort of fantasy AU where the world is just like ours, except mythical creatures are known to exist.

This is from a list of starters that you can find here on my main blog, requests are still open so have a little read of my comment there and send away!

As with the last fic, this is safe for work. Some mentioned bullying, and some possible distressing and descriptive scenes of starvation/dehydration.

Pairing – EngIta/ItaEng (there’s not really a relationship here but there’s a little bit of Arthur pining); AU – Human/Merman.

Word Count: 4195

More than an Ocean

Muttered prayers – rapid Italian – and his own footsteps, crunching over the litter and debris, were all that was audible within the lab’s walls.

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