Serbia and Bulgaria’s relationship, plus the introduction to the Balkan wars. History of the Balkans is truly amazing; betrayal, drama and friendship keep going in circles.

I suppose this is the first part. The second will deal with the Balkan wars more specifically.

Hope you enjoy.

*In caaase anyone’s interested, the “Štip štipidi dip dip” thing in the first page is Serbia singing one of Bulgaria’s songs..It really was a popular song in Serbia at one point. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nx5pMbUFoZM

*As for Macedonia, she did actually manage to fight off Turkey once, but unfortunately freedom didn’t last for too long.. Nonetheless, back then she was the first  republic in the Balkans! It’s an interesting topic and I’d love to do a separate post to portray it.


Right click+copy image location and paste it in a new tab for bigger photos! Had to bunch a few together because of the max photo number. =x=

Explanation: *Not to be confused with Serbs in Serbia, The Serbs in The State of SHS were actually the Serbs living in Croatia’s house. Long ago, when Serbia was under Turkey’s rule, he had to flee from him twice. These were the two great migrations of Serbs. Croatia(Then Hungary) and Hungary decided to let him stay a little, and he entrusted some of his people with them. That’s how Vojvodina, per instance, came to be.  (Left Hungary’s house for Serbia’s)

*Also, that Hrvoje bit, well Hrvoje is an actual Croatian name, but amongst the Yugoslavs it’s used as a kind of stereotypical way of calling a Croat. Much like Janez is used for Slovenes.

As for the end, well, Mr Slovenia was much happier in post WW2 Yugoslavia. But even during this time, he didn’t outright complain, unlike Croatia, who wanted to fight for his rights. Slovenia was always the type to mutter annoyingly to himself.


S-senpai? O-oh, this is too much..I’m flustered.

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The first couple of pictures have Captions, so read up if you’re interested in an explanation! :)

Concerning Mr Poland today, out of all the ex Yugoslavs, he really considers Mr Serbia a really good bro of his. Namely, they are both considered a bit whack  by European nations. Slavs unite, right? Via drinking and track suits, of course!

What the APH Balkans are made of
  • Romania:Wine and unholiness
  • Bulgaria:Sticks and yoghurt
  • Greece:Impressive sex drive
  • Turkey:Good fashion choices
  • Serbia:Rage and rakija
  • Montenegro:Sleep and laziness
  • Macedonia:Positivity and flowers
  • Croatia:Serbian tears
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina:Ćevapi and swear words
  • Slovenia:Money $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  • Albania:Pretty mountainous landscapes and cannabis
  • Vojvodina:Sugar and spice, and everything nice
  • Kosovo:Teen angst
  • Srpska:Admiration for Serbia

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