You know how in season 5 all the characters appearances slightly change right? what if they wake up that day and look in the mirror and notice that there faces had changed. I think they would all freak out. Italy would probably cry Romano would start cursing. Germany would probably freak out and Prussia would start crying over his ‘Awesome face’ being 'ruined’. Britain would freak out and blame France then they would get in a fight. are there any that I missed that you would like to add?

My favourite lines so far from the season 5 hetalia dub:

“You look like you’re breaking your own pro-hate law!”
“Bro, your kitchen looks like mine except its missing all the cockroaches!”
“Domo arigato!” “Furniture roboto!”
“I cannot help but wonder which of the four houses the hat put you in”
“Fuck you spoon!”
“Wrong, loser! This is all the fault of a wanker!”
“Bullying kids isn’t PC anymore”
“But how does he keep his house from smelling like red light district?”
“We’ll investigate all the clubs, but not the model UN as that would be too meta”