Pro tips from Prussia/2: It takes a lot less pressure to break things than you think it does. It’s not a strength issue, it’s an issue of angles. Go for the joints. Choking is going to take too long and we all know it.

P.s- If you’re going to shank someone multiple stabs. Multiple. As many as you can fit in there before the guards show up. Geez, you amateurs act like you’ve never been imprisoned 

🎄 Eastern Europe’s Belated Christmas 🎄

Russia: the one christmas card I got this year was from a funeral home

Ukraine: I spent my rent money on presents for everyone and I may very well lose my house but merry christmas everyone 

Belarus: what do you mean it isn’t right to give a kid a sword for christmas

Estonia: oh boy it’s snowing again let me just go outside and freeze to death

Latvia: I would like every to remember that it is christmas so please can we not strangle anyone today

Lithuania: don’t mind me, I’m just going to go watch sad movies and sob my eyes out. I’m starting with marley and me

Poland: why are ugly sweaters even a thing SERIOUSLY PEOPLE DO YOU HAVE TO BE WALKING FASHION CRIMES

Czech Republic: I am not responsible for anything slovakia says today

Slovakia: I am here and I will be drunk in about one hour. please prepare yourselves because I have several things to bitch about

Hungary: yes, I do have tiny sweaters for my sausage dogs do you have a problem with it

Romania: can we please stop bringing up our pasts – excuse you, russia, I’d like to remind you what happened June 5th, 1848

Moldova: no offense, but I don’t know half of you so stay away from me

Bulgaria: christmas always makes me want to scream. but it’s a good scream

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Consorting With the Enemy (Revised)

Pairing: USUK
Rating: M
Tags: Omegaverse, Soulmate AU, Prostitution AU, Hospital AU
Summary: Arthur’s soulmate is also his worst enemy. Thing start to makes sense when he gets arrested by his own soulmate.

Based off the AU where your soulmate’s name is written on one wrist and the other wrist has your worst enemy’s name.

For his entire life, Arthur had been taunted by the names on his wrists.

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  • xx: So! What would you like for your birthday this year?
  • APH Monaco: Money.
  • xx: But you have enough of that-- Anything else?
  • APH Monaco: I want people to stop being badly dressed to the point where I crave death whenever I go out in public and am forced to witness the absolute disaster that modern fashion has become.
  • xx: ...
  • xx: I'll write you a check.
  • Belgium [at the gardening store and can't find the bro]: This calls for extreme measures.
  • Belgium [uses hand as a microphone]: Ladies and gentlemen, take a look at this piece art created by Vincent Van Gogh!
  • ((Van Gogh being pronounced Van Go))
  • Netherlands [running full speed]: THAT IS NOT HOW YOU FUCKING SAY IT.
  • Belgium: There he is.