aph Kung Fu Panda style AU! Because why not!

There is actually a story to this, so go take a read if your interested!

From Left to Right, up down:

Macau (Python), Shiga (Tanuki), Okinawa (Iriomote Cat), Taiwan (Pink Red Panda), Kyoto (Japanese Scops Owl), Osaka (Shiba Inu), Hong Kong (Red Panda), Kowloon Walled City (Weasel), China (Red Panda), Japan (Marble Fox).



Take a screen shot from your favorite show, and redraw it in your own style!

I wanted to do one of the few scenes that Osaka appeared in the anime, because… Well… His anime appearances were a bit crumby! (They didn’t even say his name! No wonder no one knows him!)

You can watch the episode here!

If your younger self met your older self, would they be proud?

I always felt that Himaruya’s early day depictions of Osaka verses his current day depiction was very significant to the character.

When you compare the cold colored, nervous, stuttering pony-tailed design in the “Black Ships Have Come” strip to his current day, brightly colored, confident postured, backwards-yellow-hat design, you can tell this baby has changed A LOT through the years.

Granted, Hima draws his current day design in a hoodie more often then a sweater vest, but that probably has to due with comfort and casual-ness.

Here we have my headcanon early 1600’s Osaka next to Current day hoodie-wearin’ Osaka. I like to think he started out as a quiet but friendly child, and slowly progressed to an outgoing and confident person with his head in the clouds and heart in the right place.

So I watched an anime today called “Folktales from Japan”. It’s totally cute and I’d recommend it to anyone who likes Japanese folklore.

Anyway, like the name says, it’s a bunch of shorts of Japanese stories. Each story has its own art style to it and for the most part, the characters are quite stylized and quirky. I wanted to try it out myself!

So I draw Japan and Osaka from hetalia. Thought it would be cute!

Today’s character: Osaka

🍲He is said to have good business sense and an intense pickiness about food.

🍲He is known as “The World’s Kitchen” due to this love of food.

🍲Osaka remains the only region of Japan to appear in both the designs for the feudal domains and the modern prefectures.