when people think france is nothing more than a perverted rapist

when people think russia is nothing more than a creep

when people think america is nothing more than fat and obnoxious

when people think italy is nothing more than a pasta loving coward

when people stereotype the characters when the point of the show is making fun of stereotypes

Okay, so I cosplayed aph Japan at Shuto Con this weekend and at the Hetalia photoshoot I saw this ridiculously pretty aph Greece. 

So creds:

Japan: me

Greece: Idk but I would love to give you cred and see you again! I’m sorry I know I I shouldn’t be posting this without cred or anything :((((

Camera: our Canada, http://enchanting-seeker.tumblr.com/

I think I finally did it! After hours of researching, I fond soul mates for almost every character.

France and England

America and Canada

Russia and China

Germany and Italy

Japan and Greece

Latvia and Ukraine

Estonia and Belarus

Lithuania and Poland

Austria and Switzerland

Prussia and Hungary

Sweden and Finland

Denmark and Norway

S.Korea and Taiwan

Germania and Roman Empire

Egypt and Seychelles

Thailand and Vietnam

Romano and Belgium

Spain and Netherlands