when people think france is nothing more than a perverted rapist

when people think russia is nothing more than a creep

when people think america is nothing more than fat and obnoxious

when people think italy is nothing more than a pasta loving coward

when people stereotype the characters when the point of the show is making fun of stereotypes

if all aph ships were canon
  • What if all the hetalia ships became canon and all the nations got used to it so they just let it happen
  • Russia:England, are you with Alfred tonight?
  • England:actually I'll be with Francis
  • England:BLOODY FROG *frantically tries to get out of Francis' grasp*
  • Russia:does that mean I can have him
  • Japan:*whispers* but I wanted Alfred
  • Greece:it's ok I'll be here, kiku
  • Russia:but usually Alfred is with England and I spend a lot of time with you anyway, Yao
  • China:but-
  • Russia:I'll make it up to you
  • Belarus:*slowly creeps up and drags Russia away*

Okay, so I cosplayed aph Japan at Shuto Con this weekend and at the Hetalia photoshoot I saw this ridiculously pretty aph Greece. 

So creds:

Japan: me

Greece: Idk but I would love to give you cred and see you again! I’m sorry I know I I shouldn’t be posting this without cred or anything :((((

Camera: our Canada, http://enchanting-seeker.tumblr.com/

Bottom of the Bag

shy-germany said: Ok I have no idea at all if you’re still taking these requests, but if you are, could you do “I wanted to keep it a secret! You were the one who was broadcasting it at the lunch table!” with Giripan?

Sorry this took forever. :V 

Also, I never said the actual phrase in the story but HEY it’s implied. XD

On AO3. On FFn.

Kiku was very attractive. Heracles loved watching him. Especially when he was angry—he liked the crease in between Kiku’s eyebrows, the slight tug down at the edge of his lips, the way he would speak. Quick and sharp and very much there, in the conversation.

He was focused. Maybe that’s what Heracles liked about Kiku. If Kiku had something to do, he wouldn’t stop until it was done. Heracles would try, sure, but he would get distracted.

Kiku snapped his fingers, and Heracles blinked.


Kiku let out a frustrated sigh. “I was talking to you.”

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anonymous asked:

May I please have a giripan au where Greece lives next door to Japan and one day hears this horrified scream and he checks things out and finds Japan on a chair/table/furniture item hiding from a creepy crawly? I hear it's canon he really doesn't like roaches or something.

Sorry this took awhile! :V It is a fact! :)

No idea what this is.

On AO3.

Things people don’t know about ER nurses: 

         1) They don’t get a lot of sleep.

Well, he didn’t look new. Heracles rubbed his eyes, swaying back and forth by the mailboxes. He sort of did, in that I-think-I’ve-met-you-but-I’m-not-sure way. But the man standing in front of the rows of mailboxes seemed pretty confident when he had called Heracles’ name.

Well, his last name.

Gosh, when had he even gotten his mail last?

“Mr. Karpusi,” the man repeated.

Heracles’ eyes had trouble focusing. “Mm, yes? My mail?”

“No, my mail. I think that mailman has been making a mistake and putting my mail in your box. I had figured I would go to you before I went to the administrators of the building. I have knocked on your door, but you have been out.”


The man’s eyebrow ticked down. “Yes, Mr. Heracles.”

“No, Heracles.”

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anonymous asked:

Um I really like how you do giripan so can you do like a highschool au? Like with emo!kiku, not like the whole "emotional" thing but like just purple skinny jeans and hoodies and eyeliner. Hercales is an upperclassman and they get locked in the school or meet at a party or whatever floats your boat. Ifs not your cup of tea I get it.

But friend, this is exactly my cup of tea!

On AO3

It was after the fourth time that Heracles became suspicious. Sure, parties are loud, and if you’re at one, you’re probably bumbling drunk. Accidents happen—Heracles himself had walked in on his fair share of drunken couples.

But the same kid every time? Not possible.

The first few times, Heracles hardly even noticed. The door would open, there would be a second of silence, and then the kid would apologize loudly and shut the door. The girl or guy under Heracles would complain.

The seventh time, Heracles was sober enough to actually catch sight of this kid. Black jeans, a large hoodie, and a pair of Converse. Heracles had sat up, wanting to catch this guy’s name, but he yelled an apology and disappeared back into the house. So much for that.

Still, Heracles had a better lead than before. There were only a few kids who regularly wore such dark clothes. As a matter of fact, Alfred F. Jones, the popular rich boy, had recently decided to switch to the apparel himself. It took Heracles all of five seconds to find him.

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