when people think france is nothing more than a perverted rapist

when people think russia is nothing more than a creep

when people think america is nothing more than fat and obnoxious

when people think italy is nothing more than a pasta loving coward

when people stereotype the characters when the point of the show is making fun of stereotypes

Uh heyoo

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Hetalia Couples- Holding Hands

WySea- so cute~!

TaiChi- Taiwan accepts his hand~!

SwitLiech- A stroll on the beach with Big Brother

USUK- Britain wanted him to ‘unexpectedly’ hold his hand

SuFin- Sweden wants Finland to stay, and he’s scared he’ll let go of his hand. But Finland will never let go.

AusSwit- Both childhood friends, always by each other’s side despite their differences from their adulthood.

PruCan- Entertwining their fingers means they will stay together no matter what.

RoChu- Russia feels so alone, wanting a hand to hold. And China, secretly, was the hand who held his first.

PolLiet- Poland will only hold Lithuania’s hand cause he’s, like, the brave one. And Lithuania gladly holds on.

NetherBelg- Doing gardening to plant tulips–a great sibling moment when they touch their hands.

FrUK- France wants to be more than just friends, and he’ll do this to Britain, his special amour.

GerIta- Germany wanted to make the first move, but Italy beat him on it first.

GiriPan- Duing Greece’s sleep, Japan will hold his hand. And Greece knows this secretly.

IceHon- He felt prepared to hold Hong Kong’s hand, and Iceland felt shy when he held onto him.

UKPan- Best friends, though different, are actually the same. And they are there for each other.

AusHun- Hungary felt the urge to touch his hand while he played the piano. And Austria felt joy of her touch.