austria canonically having a string of failed marriages is one of my favorite things. you would think he would have slowed his roll after france wrote a national anthem about watering his fields with austrian blood, but that asshole was planning his next marriage before he even officially divorced hungary.

germany doesn’t know how he got here but he brought it upon himself  


☀— Victorian Era Ball —☀
This honestly took me a long time to finish (90% because of procrastination) but I’m glad I’m finally done with this piece! Now I can move on to drawing something else, yay! I apologize for some period inaccuracies, but I tried! 8^)));;;
The girl France is dancing with is Jeanne d’Arc.
The Asian on the upper rightmost corner is Macau.
Added cropped/zoomed images to showcase the details.

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All right. Then could I maybe get some poly!BTT headcanons please? With or without a fourth s/o. Cute, SFW, NSFW, whatever floats your boat. Please and thank you.

-Francis would be really happy about the relationship from the start. He’d always make sure that no one in the relationship would ever feel left or excluded no matter what.

-At the start of the relationship Antonio might be a bit nervous and unsure how it would pan out since there were four of them, but it wouldn’t take long for him to adjust to it. He’d be really sappy too, and he’d always tell all of them how much he loves them everyday.  

-Gilbert would be all for it from the moment it was brought up. He’s a it insecure, so sometimes he might feel left out, but with caring and loving s/os like Francis, Antonio, and any others s/os, as long as he got reassurance he’d be fine. 

-There would be very few huge arguments, since the three of them are so laid-back, that even if the other s/o wasn’t it wouldn’t be too big of a deal 

-However there would argue about small things all the time, with or without another s/o in the mix. It got so frequent that Gilbert finally made it a rule that everyone would vote on the small stuff so whatever got the majority would be the chosen thing. Although what he didn’t realize was that if it was a tie the arguing might get worse…

-Eventually Gilbert and Antonio would want to get some sort of pet for all of them to take care of together. Francis wouldn’t exactly be 100% for the whole idea, but if they all went to a shelter to look for something to adopt he’d practically cry when he saw all the adorable animals there. After that trip he’d be completley on board. 

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I keep seeing people say "pirate Spain" "Spain in his pirate years" etc, but I feel it's... pretty unhistorical? I have read about English privateers and Turkish corsairs harassing Spain's cargo and coasts, but hardly anything about SPanish pirates. Conquistadors are a different matter.

Hi! I’m sorry for the delay. I was out of the fuck and now I’m pretty busy and not logging into this account :’D

But you are completely right. Spain DOES NOT have a history of piracy like other countries (England, Turkey, Morocco, France, etc.) have, and barely any history in privateering at all. 

There were a couple guys but they were mostly independent and had little to do with their country of origin. Yes, the dude from Assassins Creed was one of those very few and he was real. 

So portraying Spain as a pirate is INCREDIBLY INACCURATE! Yeah, he was a sailor, a warrior, a conqueror and a merchant. But not a pirate. 

Bear in mind, the English era of privateering on Spanish cargo had to end after Spain won the war of 1585-1604, too. 

(However I must confess that as someone who’s been completely in love with pirates for over a decade, I like the concept very much. So I usually pretend that he either had a period of “fuck everything” and took a sudden vacation from the court and his responsibilities or he tried to fight England with his own fire. It couldn’t have happened for longer than a couple of years tho.) 

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Turkey w/ Spain and Japan? cause 2020 olympics

You know, I have a strong feeling Himaruya made a comic strip about this, but I cant find it? Or Rosel-D but im sure it was Hima

If anyone doesn’t understand the reference, Tokyo was picked for the 2020 Olympics. The runner ups were Madrid, Spain or Istanbul, Turkey.