Dear Hetalia Fandom,

If you want to say something is ‘canon’, don’t solely base it off of the anime, especially the dub.

Sometimes, they add extra things in the dub to make English speakers laugh or something. It’s not something to be taken seriously.

I saw a post saying that France and England were canonly gay because the movie said 'they love each other sexually’. And that my friends, is Funimation adding in some things to make English speakers laugh. That is not to be taken seriously.

But always take the manga seriously. It’s made by the original creator so unless they put a disclaimer for a certain part, everything is obviously canon.

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okay so like at spain’s house someone is cooking food then romano walks in the kitchen notices it burning then yells out to get everyones attention and spain is just like, “I thought you were looking after it, Romano” then romano says, “I thought Ned was” and then netherlands just comments, “wasn’t belgie?” and Belgium says “I thought spain was….”

 They just stare at each other for a solid minute before they notice the food is still burning.

anonymous asked:

“we are the only ones not drunk at this party. wanna make everyone in here do embarrassing things so we can blackmail them later?” au prucan please? :)

Pairing: PruCan (Prussia x Canada) (Human names used)


  • Canada (Matthew) as himself
  • Prussia (Gilbert) as himself
  • Special guests: Spain (Antonio), Romano/South Italy (Lovino), Veneziano/North Italy (Feliciano), Germany (Ludwig), France (Francis), Japan (Kiku), England (Arthur)

It was New Year’s, and the group had a nice party to celebrate. However, there was one tiny problem; just 30 minutes past midnight and all of the guests were already drunk off their asses. The only sober ones were Gilbert and Matthew because they drank some juice instead. The two could only sigh as they watched the drunken group talk gibberish to each other. 

“This is ridiculous.” Matthew sighed.

“So not cool!” Gilbert added.

“…want to make them do stuff for blackmail later?”

“Hell yeah I do!” Gilbert pulled out his cellphone.

“Hmm…” Matthew innocently walked over to Antonio and Ludwig, who were peacefully drunk in their own daydreaming state. “Hey, Antonio, Ludwig.” Matthew started out, smiling. “Remind me again who of the two was the better football player?”

“Me.” Both Antonio and Ludwig stated. The two snapped their heads at each other, growling ever so loudly. Matthew went on to leave his hidden diabolic touch with the other drunk members.

“Lovino, Feliciano, it’s your turn for the kareoke!” Matthew giggled.

“Is it?!” Lovino asked.

Feliciano hiccuped. “Oh about time~”

“Matt, what the hell are you doing?” Gilbert asked. He had no idea what was he doing, but he knew that a storm was being brewed up by his actions. Matthew backed away to Gilbert’s side, and counted down as he began to record with his own phone.

That’s when Matthew’s small actions caused hell to break loose.

“ALRIGHT!” Lovino yelled into the microphone, rubbing his eye gently. “You motherfuckers better sit the fuck down cause we’re about to blow your mind!”

“No one sings better than an Italian!” Feliciano squealed into his own microphone, the two brothers standing on the coffee table as the kareoke machine began to play its music. On the other side-

“DO YOU WANNA GO?!” Antonio screamed.

“HELL YEAH I WANNA GO.” Ludwig screamed back.

“I’ll show you…~ I’m the BEST at football and no one will say OTHERwISE!” Antonio let out a hiccup, picking up a pillow, and throwing it on the floor. The two grown men stood facing each other, the pillow on the floor. A drunk Kiku stood between the two.

“Ready” He took a sip of sake. “Set…GO!” Just as suddenly Antonio and Ludwig began to try to kick the pillow around like a football, failing miserably 80% of the time as they tripped over their own two feet.

“S…Stupid football! Moving around aND SHIT!” Ludwig growled.

Then Alfred came into the room, slamming the door open. He was equally as drunk. “DID SOMEONE SAY FOOTBALL?!” Gilbert didn’t had a chance to correct him. “FREEEEEDOOOOOM!” Alfred screeched as he sprinted across the living room, tackling Antonio down to the ground, across where he stood and right into the singing Vargas brothers.

“I don’t wanna be like cinderel-AHHHH!” Lovino shrieked along with his brother as they fell off their table, Alfred and Antonio on them, the coffee table flipped over to the side.

“TOUCHDOWN!!!” Alfred yelled, standing up as he pulled a now unconcious Antonio by the shirt. 

“No~ Alfred that’s your football…~ It’s called goooooaaaal~” Kiku hummed.

“YOU ASSHOLE I WAS SINGING!” Lovino screamed. Feliciano began to cry.

“I miss grandpa Rome!!!” Feliciano cried. Lovino grabbed Alfred by the shirt, about to punch him until Alfred began to sniff him around.

“What the hell are you doing?” Lovino asked.

Alfred stared at Lovino suspiciously. “You smell like tea.”

“HEH?” Lovino asked. Alfred dropped Antonio, picking up Lovino in his arms as he began to run outside towards the pool.

“INTO THE HARBOR!” Alfred screamed, Lovino shrieking as he was thrown right in. A half naked Arthur ran out of the kitchen to the outside.

“Not thE TEA!” Arthur screamed.

“I HATE EVERYONE!” Feliciano screamed sobbing, throwing a pillow across the room out of drunken anger. The pillow hit a fazed Ludwig, which brought him back to reality. Ludwig stared down at the pillow, before his eyes seemed to analyze the item, and then widen.

“DEUTCHLAND!!!!” Ludwig screamed, throwing his arms into the air as he began to cheer, thinking he had kicked in a goal.

Japan gasped, gently patting Ludwig. “Omg Ludwig you shouldn’t call yourself a douchebag.” They heard Feliciano scream, the two of them hurrying over to him worried. “What’s wrong?!”

Feliciano looked down horrified at his pants, which had been tainted with tomato sauce a few hours earlier. But of course, his drunk self didn’t remember. Instead-

“I…I think I’m on my period…!!!” Feliciano whispered horrified. The two grown men’s eyes widened in utter horror and distress.

“hoLY ShIT!” Ludwig huffed.

“What do I do?!” Feliciano sobbed. “I’ve never had my period before!!!”

“It’s ok, Feliciano! We’ll help you!” Kiku said, grabbing Feliciano and Ludwig and dragging them to the nearest supply closet. Inside Kiku searched around for anything that they could find. He took out a mop. “Quick. Shove it in your pants. It will absorb the blood!”

Outside Arthur and Alfred were fighting over the whole tea into the harbor thing, drunkenly of course. A lonely Francis sat at the edge of the pool with a fishing pole, fishing in the pool.

“Wow the fish aren’t biting a lot today.” Francis said between hiccups, his body swinging from side to side. He felt something pull on the line, and he rilled it up, only to fish out Lovino by the hook catching on his underwear. Francis glared. “…that’s one ugly fish…”


“IT TALKED!” Francis then just dropped the fishing pole, and Lovino into the pool with it.

Gilbert was crying from laughing so hard, hugging Matthew as he could barely breathe from all of the laughter.

“MATT!” He gasped. “I can’t! How! Oh my god!” Gilbert laughed. The best part was he had recorded all of it.

Matthew laughed with him, smiling as he held Gilbert’s hand. “I’m sleepy, let’s call it a night. We can blackmail them tomorrow.”

“Sounds good.” Gilbert said, picking Matthew up in his arms as he carried him upstairs to one of the rooms to sleep for the night.

By the next morning Francis was shaking back and forth in a corner about a talking fish, Lovino had caught a cold, Alfred and Arthur were asleep in the backyard while hugging each other, Antonio was still knocked out, Feliciano slept soundly with Ludwig, the two hugging each other as an awake Kiku stared mortified at the mop sticking out of Feliciano’s pants.

Gilbert and Matthew had some explaining to do.