Thailand refused to speak with China after Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos were taken away by France.

He couldn’t understand why China did nothing to stop him, or made a move to get them back. 

It wasn’t till the second world war ended that he finally chose to forgive his elder brother, understanding how hard it had been for China to watch his younger siblings be taken away.

APH : Cambodia (OC)

I just finish an old Thai novel about Naga. And have to research about this snake deity along all this semester /die

Just remind myself how I have been in love with their myth years ago and how I enjoy story about Garuda and Naga XD

But every time I heard about Naga, it always remind me of Khmer’s myth, one of most oldest nation in South East Asia. (Now Cambodia, but not sure about other’s headcanon) 

some say ‘Khmer born from Naga’

So I can’t resist my will to draw him as a Naga.

(btw, some Naga can be in human form)