╠ “If you are patient in a moment of anger, ╣
     ╠ you will spare yourself one hundred days of tears.” ╣

                                          (Cambodian Proverb)

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Thailand refused to speak with China after Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos were taken away by France.

He couldn’t understand why China did nothing to stop him, or made a move to get them back. 

It wasn’t till the second world war ended that he finally chose to forgive his elder brother, understanding how hard it had been for China to watch his younger siblings be taken away.

I asked to some people who I roleplay with who they wanted me to draw. So I drew their Hetalia OCs and two of mines.

From left top to right bottom: Indonesia, Laos, Brazil (those are not mine), South Africa and Male!Cambodia.

I love drawing POC characters btw

Indonesia belongs to http://asahishinohara.tumblr.com/

Laos belongs to http://alyna-cherry.tumblr.com/

South Africa and Cambodia are mine

I haven’t spammed tumblr with arty things in a while, teehee~ it’s for an AU of mine based off Angel Beats (but I wanted to doodle my own uniforms instead)

left to right:

front row: Cambodia, Laos, Japan, Malaysia, Australia, Indonesia, Timor Leste, Brunei, India
second row: Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Korea, Philippines, Macau
back row: Burma/Myanmar, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan