i have a soft spot for the war of austrian succession from the perspective of the french who saw the prussian alliance as a zero-sum game ( “travailler pour le roi de prusse”). for example, this call-out stanza from voltaire’s “ode pour la reine d'hongrie” [“ode to the queen of hungary”]:

par des nœuds étonnants l’altière germanie
a ses puissants rivaux malgré soi réunie
fait de l’europe entière un objet de pitié
et leur longue querelle
fut cent fois moins cruelle
que leur triste amitié

tl;dt: how cruel the french-german alliance is that their friendship is a worse crisis inflicted upon europe than their conflicts… damn, voltaire, go in!!

Nations at a Haunted House

America: Freaking the hell out. Ghosts creep him out so bad, he might literally piss himself out of fear.

England: Not too concerned. He works with dark magic pretty often, so this a ghost wouldn’t scare him easily.

Canada: Not as fearful as America, but he’d still be a bit wary.

Russia: He would play it off as if he wasn’t scared but he’d be slight cautious.

Italy: Crying quietly.

Romano: As soon as there is any paranormal activity, he’d be like, “NOPE. FUCK THIS. I’M OUT-!”

Spain: Smiling but is internally freaking out.

France: Like Romano, he wants to get the fuck out of there. As soon as possible.

German: Not being a believer of ghost, he’d try to figure out a logical explanation for any strange happenings.

Japan: Slightly uneasy about being there because he doesn’t know if the ghost is friendly or not.

Lithuania: Panicking a little. What if they all die or something? Oh shit oh shit oh shit-

Latvia: Shaking and crying with Italy.

Estonia: Much like Germany, wanting a logical explanation.

Finland: Just smiling cheerfully because lol ghosts.

Sweden: He may have a good poker face, but he’ll be screaming on the inside.

Norway: He’ll quietly sing a creepy song just to fuck with everyone.

Denmark: This is okay. Ghosts are okay– *sees a table move on its own* this is not okaY THIS IS NOT OKAY-

Iceland: Trying to be like Sweden and not let his fear show, but he’ll scream like a girl when paranormal shit starts happening.

Prussia: Is the “ghost”.

Guys I found the BTT! 

Just think of them in their little uniforms and someone important walks by, Prussia’d be like “oh shit guys we better bow” so they all take their hats off and bow and fucking Prussia (being the lovable dork we all know) trips and falls and then Tonio is in the middle looking at him like “really mi amigo?” while Francis tries to stay in perfect formation and i just asdfghjkl;


hetabook series: #4 
     france, prussia, and spain are a force to be reckoned with on facebook

Things I look for in a man: 

  • Short, messy brown hair 
  • no facial hair 
  • tan skin
  • charming 
  • works hard 
  • good cook 
  • is very kind hearted 
  • is almost always happy
  • can be serious when necessary and sometimes at the most unexpected times
  • likes tomatoes
  • gives cheer up charms
  • is friends with a Frenchman and a Prussian (and an Italian) 
  • It’s Aph Spain
  • I’m looking for Aph Spain 

“Happy Birthday Veneziano and Romano!”  


(Credits to transparentalia for the transparents. Original art belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya)

Tips for Writing Spamano

Considering how much Spamano I’ve written, I think I’m qualified to make this list, because I’ve made plenty of awful mistakes before. Here is how you can avoid them. This list will also cover AUs, side characters like the BTT, Ludwig and Feliciano, and may be updated whenever possible. Please be aware of trigger warnings for self-harm in this post, since I’ve seen too many spamano fics deal with this as well (and deal with it badly.)

Spamano: What’s wrong with it? 

I feel like Spamano is one of those pairings you can completely mess up. We’ve all seen it happen before. We have all done it ourselves. Consider this basic plotline: 

Lovino Vargas hates himself and compares himself to his perfect brother Feli. He probably self-harms. Antonio waltzes in. Lovino hates Antonio at first. Then Antonio saves him from himself. Everyone is happy. The end. 

The problem with Spamano is that most of the time, writers use Lovino’s apparent self-hate as a tool for romance. To put that another way, they portray Antonio as the only person who cares about Lovino, the only person who understands him, and the only person who gives him the time of day. 

Unless your plot specifically calls for this kind of relationship, don’t portray it like this. Self-hate isn’t cute. It isn’t romantic. Antonio does not exist purely to satisfy Lovino’s self-confidence problems. 

The most important thing is to portray Antonio and Lovino as two separate people, with their own personalities, their own dreams, their own fears, their own needs. Just like you. Just like me. They are people. Once you figure out their personalities, you can have endless fun writing extremely creative Spamano fics.  

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