“Miss Prussia could you please stop messing up your hair all the time!”

welp first painting style picture i actually finished;;; idk what to think yet
This is roughly based on a painting of Queen Luise of Prussia by the way. Thought it’d be fitting. Also the colours are the same as the Prussian military coat from the 1700s, or at least i tried to make it that way
[click the link for the original sized picture!]

Btt headcanons
  • They gossip frequently. The most talked about are Austria and England.
  • When they get drunk, Spain is always the designated driver. Because he’s a really scary drunk.
  • Together they team up to fight sexism
  • Every Friday they hang out together
  • The only other person who knows about a Btt hangout is Germany and he’s sworn never to tell anyone what goes on
  • What happens in a Btt hangout stays in a Btt hangout
  • But all they really do is eat large amounts of candy, pet cute animals and watch reality tv
  • They just wanted it to sound mysterious
  • They’re dorks

-Mod Canako