Aph Countries and What I think of them

Germany: Lovable prick?

Prussia: Dying…;∆;

N.Italy: Cinnamon roll.

S. Italy: Angry tomato bastard

Japan: Adorable Rice ball

America: Slutty hamburger.

England: What are ya cookin there? Coal?

France: Naked ಥ-ಥ (Stop I didn’t ask for this.)

China: Angry Ponytail

Russia: What else do you use that Pipe for?

Canada: Okay but get this… Maple toilet paper.

Austria: Piano cunt.

Hungary: God…she’s god.

Ukraine: Please calm your tits holy shit.

Denmark: Ha…you fucking Pineapple.

Norway: Same….


Sweden: You’re so gay…I love it.

Finland: Hello there Santa Claus… You’re adorable but oh lord.

Estonia: Computer slut…(;-;)

Poland: Cross dressing…;-;.

Spain: That fUCKING ASS.

Based on this

The idea was too good, so I thought why not visualising it?

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this is the second time in doing this , this fandom is dYING FOR REAL


at the movies
  • america: the one with 3d glasses on the whole time bc hes excited
  • england: the one with 3d glasses on the whole time bc he has a hangover
  • france: the one who whistles when the main characters kiss
  • canada: the one who sits behind the really tall person
  • russia: the really tall person
  • china: the one who doesnt really 'get' the movie
  • japan: the one who automatically searches up the movie on tumblr when he gets home
  • italy: the one who doesnt shut up
  • romano: the one who tells the person who doesnt shut up to shut up
  • germany: the one who buys the popcorn
  • prussia: the one who eats all the popcorn during the trailers