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How linguistic do you think New York is?

Hooo boy

Well obviously Dutch would be their first language that they learned as New Netherland

Then they probably picked up at least a little Swedish after conquering Delaware/New Sweden, even if they made no active effort to learn it

Their name is changed from New Netherland to New York and this is when they learn English

Around the Revolutionary era, France becomes their most valuable ally and New York conquers French-speaking Vermont. Learns a few words and phrases, probably forgets it soon after. Actually learns it in 1812, when Louisiana is added to the Union and they go to war against Canada/England

Also during the Revolutionary era, German becomes so common that there is almost a law that all laws have to be written in it as well as English; it loses by one vote. Their neighbor Pennsylvania mostly spoke Pennsylvania Dutch– a dialect of German– at this time. Germans have been the biggest ethnic group in the US ever since and were instrumental in settling the West

No longer a colony, New York can speak any language they want now, and immediately goes back to writing laws in Dutch

Briefly learns remedial Italian and Gaelic, forgets it within a few decades

Has completely forgotten any Swedish by this point

Learns Spanish through English almost against their will and with painstaking slowness between 1848-1898 (Mexican Cession gained to Spanish-American War outbreak in Cuba)

Trade with China takes off, California is mostly Chinese at this time, Chinese immigration increases exponentially

Starts speaking only English ever during WWI. Any Americans who refused to do this and publicly denounce their roots through other means could expect community backlash and abuse, especially German Americans

Their French, German, and Dutch become rusty, Spanish improves as it becomes more common

They start to feel comfortable speaking other languages again post-Cold War

Dutch is no longer common at all in New York. Their current main languages are English, Spanish, and Chinese. A ton of others are used in small groups, but they tend to take a backseat

New York definitely knows far more languages than the average state

Based on this

The idea was too good, so I thought why not visualising it?

at the movies
  • america:the one with 3d glasses on the whole time bc hes excited
  • england:the one with 3d glasses on the whole time bc he has a hangover
  • france:the one who whistles when the main characters kiss
  • canada:the one who sits behind the really tall person
  • russia:the really tall person
  • china:the one who doesnt really 'get' the movie
  • japan:the one who automatically searches up the movie on tumblr when he gets home
  • italy:the one who doesnt shut up
  • romano:the one who tells the person who doesnt shut up to shut up
  • germany:the one who buys the popcorn
  • prussia:the one who eats all the popcorn during the trailers